Okay, that was weird...

So I've been noticing a lot of different people coming into our store. But yesterday was apparently a prime day for wackos/people who didn't have a clue.

First of all, in came a gentleman in a wheelchair who had our flyer in his lap.

After showing me this page he was looking at, he inquired about the computer on the page.

I looked at it. "Well, sir, that's an opened iNext computer, just so you can see the different upgrades you can get. If you want an iNext, we can get it for you..."

Customer: "So that isn't the price listed at the right hand side?"

Me: "You mean the TV card listed at $59.99? As a part that goes into a computer? No, sir, that's not the price of a computer."

Customer: "What's the cheapest one you have, then?"

Me: "I have one for $500 for just a tower..."

Customer: "Too high."

Me: "Sorry, sir. You might want to try a pawn shop or a used computer shop, then..."

Yeah, the guy wanted a computer for $60. Fat chance of that happening. Although the Frenchman did reply, "Hell, I'll sell him my Pentium 2 for that much."

The other interesting story that occurred yesterday deals with a gentleman who came up to me while I was already dealing with someone.

"Where do you keep your personal alarms?"

Me, annoyed: "Second last booth." And then I keep on continuing with the person I'm serving.

The guy comes up a few seconds later.

"What kind of batteries does this one take?"

"Sir," I said, "I'll help you out once I'm finished with the person I'm currently helping. Please, hold on."

After I finish up with my customer, he asks me to open up the alarm so he can see what battery it takes. So I do so.

Crazy: "Yeah, I need a personal alarm, so I can use it when the people start torturing me."

Me, at a loss for words: "Oh."

Crazy: "Yeah, they torture me and then kill me all the time, usually once a night."

Me, really freaked out: "Un-huuunh?"

Crazy: "Do you think I should make a statement about that? Get it on paper that people torture me and kill me?"

Me: "If you feel it's right..."

Crazy: "Yeah, I live in a nice town. Aside from all the torturing and killing."

Me: "Riiiight..."

And the guy insists he tries out the piercing alarm to make sure it works.

After he leaves the store, I go into the back to tell Dave about the freaky guy I just met.

"Oh, yeah. Welcome to Downtown. That sounds like it's the same guy who came in for a wiresless keyboard. You know, because the wired keyboards steal his thoughts."


* * *

Forgot most of today's dream, since it was during a catnap I had after my alarm went off and I gave myself another 15 minutes to sleep.

What I DO remember of it was hanging out at my MJ house with Canton and some others, and playing with my new baby brother Paul in the house's glass door garage.

Maybe it's just me, but I think I just stole Llloyd's kid, Ethan, made him my brother and renamed him Paul. Because that was Ethan, all right...

* * *

Today, I had a father and daughter come in for a digital camera that I had stole from another store. They came in yesterday, but I didn't have the box or cables fro the one on display for some reason, so I asked them to come back today.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the media card they wanted, so I said I'd bring that in TOMORROW for them. I'm pretty much bending over backwards for this guy, and it's not even a good digital camera. No optical zoom, but you get what you pay for when it's $150.

At the end of the shift, I decided to go to WEM to pick up a free piece of software I received for listening to a Microsoft trainer last month. It was sent to WEM, and so I decided today would be the day I get it.

I get to my old store, and there's only the new guy who's helping a couple of customers. I say, "Hey."

The customers turn around. It's my digital camera guy. Looking at the digital camera I'm to sell him. And paying money to the new guy.

Well, this is awkward. Even more so when I'm asked to demonstrate it to them.

I help him out, and he thanks me for helping him choose a camera. I ask, "So I guess this means I don't have to bring in the memory card for you anymore."

So, where's my software? I look around in the back room, and Deryk comes to the store about half an hour later.

"Deryk! Where's my game?"

"I put it behind the counter for you. So - Oh, god."

"What 'oh god?' Please don't play with me!"

Jen had sold it from the back counter, even though it had no RS stock number on it. Whoops.

I check the computer. Kingsway has a copy. So I bus over there in 45 minutes, and steal that game, billing WEM for the game.

Now I install Age of Mythology. Because I'm finished Prince of Persia. Drool. That was a well-spent $30...


Silly Dan said...

That's an odd customer. Usually, they think wireless technology steals your thoughts.

The Doc said...

But, see, the wire, it's like a snake, right? And then, when you're asleep, it unplugs from the Casio, okay? And slithers over to your bed, right, and plugs into your EAR. And then sucks your thoughts out of your head, and spits them into the wall socket.

At least, that's what I figure.

Silly Dan said...

Come to think of it, all keyboards steal your thoughts. See? I had thought of a comment to make to Jago, and suddenly my ideas were sucked through my fingers and put onto the intarweb!!!OK, I'll stop making fun of the mentally ill now.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all awful.

Really, it's anything metalic. I was sitting on the couch today, watching the news and eating some cereal when I realized that my thoughts were not only being sucked out of me by the spoon, but they were being transmitted to those I like to call "the watchers"...