The good news, the bad news, the ugly food...

I was cut off by D! showing up at my store so we could attend Chap's bachelor party.

To continue on from where I left off, I was going to talk about work.

As most of you know, I've been frustrated with Deryk and my store for a while now, finally something's been done about it.

Deryk took me into the back and asked if I wanted a transfer. He told me he's noticed how I've been asking for quite a few nights off right now (gee, I wonder why. Maybe Fringe???), and that maybe I'd do better at another store.

So, I'm off to Edmonton Centre come next week. The good news is, it's still a pretty busy store, due to all the corporate business we get, being downtown and all. I'm being paid as an AM anyway, so it's not like I'm taking a pay cut, other than maybe losing some commission.

The best parts? Very close to home (so many busses that will get there, and in under fifteen minutes), AND! The downtown mall closes at about 5:30 pm every night, excluding Fridays and the Christmas season.

So, I'm happy about that.

What I'm NOT happy about is the new work hours policy that RS has adopted.

After a few class action lawsuits against the company over unpaid hours, RS has decided to fix this problem once and for all. We now cannot work any more than eight hours in a row during a shift, due to "the quality of life" issue.

"Okay, Jago," you might ask. "Why would not working more than eight hours in a row piss you off?"

As an assistant manager, it's in my contract to work the full amount of fulltime hours allotted by the Government of Alberta.

44 hours.

So, if I'm not able to work more than eight hours a day, and I work 44 hours a week, I have to pull five eight hours shifts (40 hours) and a half day of four hours.

Yes, I just lost a day off every week. Because I can't, say, work nine hours a day for four days. That's illegal, and not in line with what the company has decreed.

Don't even get me started on what'll be happening come inventory...

* * *

I ran into an old St. John's friend, Tish, in the food court today. It's been five years since I've really hung out with her. Granted, that's mostly because we no longer live in the same residence any more.

She's married now. Good for her!

I just remember how many fun and thorough talks we had over the course of that year. I miss living in a residence for that sort of reason.

I guess that's one of the things I moved back into the house for...

* * *

Chap's bachelor party went off pretty well, although I kicked off before the trip (unbeknownst to him) to Showgirls.

We started the night at Hooter's, which is a place I've never been. I'm not really into having girls in hot pants and low cut shirts serve me because it's their job. I prefer it when they're wearing hot pants and low cut shirts because they choose to wear that in my presence.

The food there? Pretty bad. I can say those were some of the worst chicken fingers I've had.

Sorry, Hooter's. No longer can I approach you.

We then went to see Anchorman. It was D!'s and my second time to see the movie this week, but since we got in for free on Tuesday, we thought it was definitely worth it.

Steve Carell OWNS this movie. It's really worth the rental when it hits the movie stores come this winter. I can't wait to see what Carell will do with the role of Maxwell Smart (which he is rumoured to get...).

So, off to bed I go, since I'm to be at the store for 10 am tomorrow (today).


Diego said...

"I'm not really into having girls in hot pants and low cut shirts serve me because it's their job. I prefer it when they're wearing hot pants and low cut shirts because they choose to wear that in my presence."


Seriously, though, the line for women who want to wear revealing clothing around Jago forms to the left.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Finally Jago adds comments! Now I can be a regular participant! It's almost like I'm hanging around with you again Jago, except we're not seeing or hearing each other physically!!!


Anonymous said...

Cram it with walnuts, ugly!

- Not Devin.