Fringe Journal 2004, Part III

Conversation with Marie a few days back:

Jago: So, seeing anything that you're looking forward to?

Marie: I'm going to see some friends from Seattle in a show.

J: Cool.

M: They're in the other lesbian pirate play.

J: What do you mean, "the other lesbian pirate play?" How many are there?

M: Two. And they're both about the same person.

J: There's TWO plays about a lesbian pirate?

M: Yup.

J: Wow.

* * *

Yesterday's show on the big stage went pretty well. Not the biggest of crowds, but those who were there were pretty into us.

We were a little disappointed when people left due to a sprinkle of rain. To the point where I said after a song, "Well, at least this way we know who are true fans are: the people in the gazebo. They're the smart ones."

It brought a laugh. And, we got most of the audience back after the minute amount of rain hit. Which was cool.

Hoja was on after us, and they were doing their sound check, they were asking the audience, "How did you like Apocalypse Kow? We'll have to have an a capella-off or something."

One of the other Hoja members: "Yeah, I bought one of their shirts! How much are your shirts, guys?"

We yell from the back, "Fifteen dollars!"

Hoja member: "What would the price be if I said you guys were a bunch of good looking guys?"

Me: "I'd say you'd be lying!!!"

He starts to laugh.

But, yeah, some of the members of Hoja want to challenge us? I say bring it on! I also thank them for being very nice in their challenge, because I know that if it were me challenging them,it could have been ugly...

Afterwards, Canton and I saw Die-Nasty with a bunch of Scorpio members. Cathleen was directing this one, with a relatively small cast.

It was pretty fun, seeing the supervisor of the Fringe get kidnapped and chloroformed, and replaced with Donovan Workum's stoner character in order to kaibosh the Fringe and make it unattractive to potential American buyers.

* * *

Today, I watched some Firefly on DVD, set up my stereo in the front room, and Canton and I went out to hash some details with Hoja about this battle of the bands.

Most of the members of Hoja were cool and wanted to do something. Trent, the eldest member and former StreetNiX-er, was hesitant.

Well, I'll go on the record and say, maybe, just MAYBE, Trent's chicken!

All I'm saying, Hoja, is Kow would be willing and able to perform two joint shows, or combine one time when we're on after each other again to have our battle.

Heck, you guys have nothing to lose, with your big, fancy A-Channel interview!

* * *

Saw Dreamy Matt Alden's play, Real Time today. Damn fine show.

Other than a few flubbed lines in the middle, this story of a nebbish who meets a girl with anger problems online has the most well rounded characters of anything I've seen so far this Fringe. (Keep in mind, I've really only seen three shows so far.)

It was Matt and Vanessa playing all the parts in the show, including one point where Matt's main character is held hostage by the ex-boyfriend of Vanessa's main character, also played by Matt. Just some great characters, some fun comedy, and an ending where I almost cried.

* * *

Then came our late-night performance at the small stage.

We were trimming out some of the lean parts of our show, songs we noticed people leaving at. Also, we bulked up our set since we saw there was no show after us.

This was a crowd filled with our friends, for the most part, which was good, but there were lots of people who we didn't know as well.

I almost made Dev choke on his water, and made him laugh at other times over the course of the evening.

During Spider-Man, I asked the crowd, during my ramble, if anyone's seen plays at the Fringe yet. I then threatened everyone who hadn't seen a play with a kick in the ass. (But, due to the guys crapping on me every time I say "ass," even used in a "kickass" context, I actually said "butt," "behind," and might even have used "posterior" once.)

Dev lost it when I, apparently, said something to the effect of, "You'll just have to turn around so I can give you a good kick."

Astro screwed up during one intro, talking about how he was going to sing a song about love, until I pointed out that the next song was a Newfoundland folk song instead.

After the Newfie song, I introduced "Uniform Grey" by saying something along the lines of, "Man, after a song like that, I really like to sing the next song." At which point, Dev choked on his water.

My intent as one of "After a fast song like that, it's good to sing a slower song," but I guess I was interpreted as "Man, after that crappy song, I'm moving along to the next one."

We premiered "Hey-Ya" at this show, but really started out pretty fast. Also, since Dev's the lead for that one, he does the Andre 3000 part calling out to the ladies and men.

Damn, we had a good crowd. When Dev asked, "Alright now fellas," like, EVERY guy in the place shouted, "YEAH!"

Dev: "Now, what's cooler than being cool?"

Every guy in the place: "ICE COLD!"

Man, I got chills. It was pretty fun, and Dev adds "Alright, now Jago..."

During rehearsals, I tend to just grunt and he'd leave me alone, comedy-style.

With all the energy we had from starting at a really fast speed to begin with, and getting such a crowd response it ended up being:

Dev: "Alright now, Jago!"


And I got right back into the bass part. Big laugh from the audience.

Alas, there was no solo Barber song tonight, because what we've found is that every show, "Wicked Game" blows whatever song we put against it in a voteoff. We wanted to sing "Uniform Grey" tonight, so we took it out of its usual spot (in the voteoff) and replaced it with "Faith."

Because "Faith" would be blown away by the audience wanting "Wicked Game" instead.

Ha HA! Apparently, not this time. Sorry, Barber...

So, yeah. Great crowd energy, great energy from us, we did our biggest set yet, due to the "no fear" vibe we had tonight.

Other than a weird key in Tribute, it went pretty well. Low money, due to the time, but we really had the crowd in the palms of our hands tonight.

* * *

After our set, Apples came up and asked me, "Jago, why don't you have a girlfriend?"

I've been thinking about that comment, and honestly, I have aucun idee why I have no girlfriend.

Every girl that I've been interested in recently, when I've tried to start something up, something seems to happen. For some reason, they just turn cold and distant towards me afterwards.

Nothing I can really do but grimace and take it. Other than directly confronting these girls about it, nothing I can really do but let the next move fall to them. And, all the while, we keep on getting more and more distant.

I'd like to say it doesn't hurt, but who am I kidding? It hurts. A lot.

Because then I wonder, "Is it ME? Am I doing something horribly wrong here? What's the deal?"

So, yeah. I'm in kind of a funk right now. Time to just not think about it by putting in the Summerslam tape I haven't finished.

Yeah, that'll work... (rolls eyes)


Diego said...

"I've been thinking about that comment, and honestly, I have aucun idee why I have no girlfriend."

Oh, please. You're gonna plead ignorance on this one?

Seriously. Are you?

Jago said...

Okay, the rash doesn't count. And neither does the wrestling obsession...

Anonymous said...


Jago said...

"Apples likes Jago!"

Yeah. If only she weren't, you know, married. To a guy she really loves.

Other than that, though? [ego]Yeah, she wants me.[/ego]

And, please, sign your comments, if you're not registered. Just so I have a clue. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Now thats unfair...

We were NOT drunk...I don't think any of us were even drinking that night.

And Aaron's boob comment and the aftermath were quite funny.

Don't be bitter at Hoja...we always quite liked you guys.