Supposed to be tidbits, but turns out to be a whopping two items...Damn you, Mind-Like-A-Sieve!!!

I was just sitting on the bus to Calgary, listening to music, reading, looking out the window.

During my thinking and zoning out, I realized there were things I wanted to comment on, but had forgotten about.

So, here goes:

First off, on my way to the wedding last week, Canton and I found Edmonton's worst-named business.

So, another round of Jago's Cultural Mini-Tour of South Edmonton, Specifically Involving 97 St And 34 Ave:

It's a dog grooming shop. It's called Little Arfin' Annie.

Once you stop banging your heads against the wall, we'll continue.

* * *

All of a sudden I'm blanking on what else I was going to talk about...

Eh, I'm sure it wasn't too important...

EDIT: Right! Remember what I was going to talk about...

I weighed myself at work today. It was another situation of not having this scale on display, so I decided to power it up and try it out before displaying it.

So, I took off my shoes and stood on the scale.

202 pounds!

202 pounds!I haven't been 202 since, I dunno...1997? About there.

Now I tended to think that about 210 (the last time I weighed myself) was pretty much my ideal weight. You know, not so much I can't see my feet, not so slight I'd be mocked by my friends.

Yes, Dev, I'm looking at you with your "Stephen Hawking" comment. Jackass.

But 202? That's slight, in my opinion. I hope it doesn't go any further than that. Otherwise, I turn into Axler.

And as much as I love the guy like a brother, I don't think I'd be able to cope with his "dark moods." I have enough problems being his friend in those times...

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