Crap. I forgot something...

On my way to my lunch break today, I was walking through West Ed Mall when a guy starts calling my name. I turn around and see this guy with stubble and a ball cap, with two little girls.

"Is this guy a customer?" I wonder. "It would explain why he knew my name..."

All of a sudden, it hits me. It was Beau Smith, a guy from my journalism class so many years ago.

He's still with a paper on Vancouver Island, still living with the girl he left his wife for (during our last year, no less, with a girl from our class).

We start talking shop. Who's at what paper, is so-and-so full time at the Sun, etc.

All of a sudden, I realize...

"So, this, here must be your daughter."

She looked shyly at me, this four-year old.

I tell her, "The last time I saw you, you were this big," while miming holding a small newborn.

It made me realize how much I miss being at school, trying to get a diploma in something I thought I loved. (Remember, this was before my whole damned Redwater experience...)

Also, I sold something to Georges Laraque today. A caller ID blocker I'm ordering in from Saskatchewan for him.

When he comes in to pick it up, I'm going to ask if he can give Stacey Smyth a note for me. (Remember, I went to high school with her...)

Not the only time I've served Georges. Once back my first year at Kingsway, he came in for some phone cable.

I asked his name for the receipt, and he declined.

After he left, Matt was like, "Dude! You didn't know that was Laraque?"

"Of course I knew," I said. "I thought I'd give him the opportunity to decline having his name on the reciept instead of me saying, 'So, Georges, what's your address?'"

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