Spider-Man 2 has single-handedly ruined comic book movies for me

But first, let me tell you why I really need to document my dreams right after I have them:

I had this dream on Saturday morning, but when I woke up, I really had to rush to get to work. As such, I did jot notes on my screen, in order to preserve it so I could write about it when I got home. (How many personal pronouns are in that paragraph? Jeez, talk about me much, me?)

I now remember bits and pieces, but I can't make a coherent narrative out of it. Here, verbatim, are my notes:


*My birthday.

*Backyard from home, but owned by a different landlord.

*I rented out top floor of house. *Spatial probs.

*Skydivers chose backyard to land.

*Friend came over for huge party.

*Hot foreign girl (Heidi Klum type).

*Girls went to shower, I waited for Heidi.

*Four studs came out of boiler room, chased them off.

*Tables, sleeping in backyard.

Yup. Not really a cohesive story out of those notes.

* * *

I'm currently talking with my brother online. The family came to Alberta over the weekend for my cousin's wedding reception. (They had the wedding itself in the tropics a few months back..)

I, unfortunately, was managing the store in my boss' absence this weekend. I wasn't able to make it down.

My brother's and my conversation five minutes ago:

ME: "How was the weekend?"

BRADE: "Pretty good."

ME: "Anything noteworthy?"

BRADE: "Uh, we had roast pig."

ME: "'How was our cousin's wedding celebration?' 'There was pork.'"

BRADE: "I don't know..."

We then go into way more detail about the WWE show in Regina yesterday.

Good to know my brother and I have our priorities straight.

* * *

So D! and I saw Spider-Man 2, during one of the only times I wasn't at the store this weekend. (Crazy aside: As manager from July 1-4, I was not 'not in the store' at any point the store was open. As long as the mall was running, I was working. Scary.)

So D! and I saw Spider-Man 2. I was looking forward to it.

Spider-Man was on my top five super hero movies. Most likely Number 2, easily. (#1? Disney's The Rocketeer, rounding out the top five: The Mask, X-Men 2, The Hulk)

However, there were some problems with it. I liked Willem Dafoe, but wasn't a fan of the Green Goblin. Norman was fine, Goblin was too static. Stupid mask.

The CGI was pretty staticy, in the fact you could tell it was generated. When Peter pulls of the mask in the frist one, you can tell it went from CG to live-action.

Niggling points like that.

I was really looking forward to Spider-Man 2.

You've got Alfred Molina playing Dr. Octopus, and they decided to use actual mechanical arms, instead of CGI (leading to one of the coolest teaser posters I have ever seen - seriously, if anyone wants a present idea for some holiday or just because I'm me, I'd really like a Doc Ock movie poster).

They brought in the writers from Smallville, as well as Michael Chabon, the writer of Wonder Boys and The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

Everything was building to a damn good movie.

So, after watching the movie, I've got one statement to make:

Spider-Man 2 has forever ruined my memories.

When I look back on the first movie, which is, like I said, my second favourite superhero movie, and see how flawed it is, compared to its sequel, what the hell am I supposed to think?

When it was all done and over with, D! and I sat in our seats, staring at the blank screen, gapemouthed.

I just muttered, "Holy fuck."

I have never, NEVER! wanted to go to a movie directly afte seeing it like I did on Saturday.

Finally, I can understand how people can go back and see a movie (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars) in the theatre five, six times at least.

The movie kicked my ass six ways to Sunday. There were few things wrong with it. It transcended the comic movie genre, and I'm afraid there's not many other films that can compare to this one.

Sorry, Rocketeer. You're down to number two.

Needless to say, I'll be going back and definitely buying the DVD once it comes out...


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