One down, two to go...

Had Foreman's wedding today. Looong day, which started out with an extremely hot apartment and me trying to swing a ride with someone to the choir rehearsal.

After MSNing Beth, with no answer, I MSNed Sarah, with the same result.

My heat-addled brain starts making paranoid fantasies. "Why aren't they answering? Am I getting silent treatment from them for missing the last two rehearsals due to work?"

I call up Kristus. Her brother answers, saying she's gone to rehearsal, but maybe I should try her cell phone.

No answer on the cell, I'm just being routed to her voicemail.

Stupid paranoid brain kicks in: "Sure, it COULD be that her phone's turned off, but it could ALSO be that she's hit the 'ignore' button of her phone when she sees my number..."

I calm down by preparing my digicam for the ceremony, charging batteries, downloading pics from the memory card, turning on the display...

Wait a sec. Why is my LCD screen white with a black mark? Is the LCD cracked? It IS! THE LCD IS CRACKED! OH, GOD!

What am I going to do? I'm supposed to take shots for the guestbook, but I've got no camera to do so.

Will my Visions extended warranty fix this? Oh, crap. This is SO not the time to have this problem. My friends hate me and won't answer me, my $700 camera's broken, and might not be able to be fixed...

Okay, Kyle. Calm down. Go to Canton's place, and bus with him down to the church. You'll just have to miss singing at the wedding is all...

I golf a bit, calm myself down, and Canton and I bus down to the church.

Forst of all, though, we need food/drink. Problem is, we're on the Mill Woods sprawl, with only bars and sit down restaurants in the immediate area.

We find a grocery store, and go into it, hoping to find some drinks and snacks.

Hello, culture shock! Holy crap, this Hindu convenience mart is so not what I'm used to.

Where's the pop? Oh, over here, with names I've never heard before. Duke's Cola? Limeina? What the hell?

A woman comes over and asks us if she can help us. I ask, "Coke?" She scrounges through and finds a two litre Diet Coke. No thanks.

I find a solitary can of Canada Dry, and go for that. Now i must leave the place that has food I can't pronounce and movies I've never known to exist.

We walk to the church, and I find out that everyone in the choir has tried finding me, and had no clue what my phone number was or anything, so they weren't able to reach me.

Okay, my mind an hour prior was really screwing with me, I know...

The wedding itself was nice. The reception was fun, if long.

Favourite part of the evening:

During a looooong speech, the wall beside my table decided to pump up the air conditioning.

Girlone, beside me, starts shivering.

Since we're in the middle of a father pouring out his feelings towards his daughter, none of us are going to ask out loud if she needs a jacket or something.

So most of the table starts miming instead.

The gist of our body language is, [Girlone? You okay? Do you need something?]

Girlone: [No, I'm fine.]

Sarah: [You sure? Jamie's dinner jacket's free.]

Girlone: [No, it's cool.]

I let a few seconds pass by. You know, to get the correct timing on what I'm about to do. Lull girlone into a false sense of security.

She shivers again.

So I start miming.

[Hey. Want my pants?]

Girlone almost breaks up, but thinks wiser of it, since the father is still talking...

[No, seriously. If you're cold, I'll give you my pants. Check it out. I'm unbuckling them right now.]

Girlone is closer to bursting out laughing. But doesn't.

Heh. I love being a jackass...

In any case, since it's now 4:28, and I'm assuming I work tomorrow (Yes, I do...), I am heading to bed.

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