Odd Transformations 4

So for some reason, I was walking down the streets of Whyte in the late afternoon. No, that's not quite true....I was walking because I accidentally got off the bus about ten blocks from my stop.

I was carrying a bass. And it must have been for someone else, because I was guarding it with my life.

While walking past the corner of 82nd and 106th (where the Mac's is), I ran into two guys I knew from my time at Lister. (Jason Benesch was one of them, not sure of the other name currently...)

Now, I'm still leery of groups of drunk people in real life, thanks to the assault from October 2000. I tend to steer clear of anyone who seems drunk, just in case they attack me. Yes, I do still have some emotional scarring from that. Who knew?

And the guys were drunk, and they weren't big fans of me regardless. They stopped me. I put down the bass. Bad move. When I brought it back up, there were stratch marks on it.

"Great. Now look what you made me do," I moaned.

I tried to leave, and one of them followed me.

"Are you going home?"

Like I was going to give my address to drunk guys. "Nope."

While I was distracted by some of their friends, they managed to disassemble the bass, and put all the parts into this toy bass they had, replacing the real parts with toy parts. (They were engineering students, and so it was possible, I guess.)

At that point I woke up.

Now, Odd Transformations 3 will be coming later, when I catch up from the past week. That was also an interesting dream.

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