Departing friends make me sad, but at least I'm making new ones...

So I found out yesterday that Foreman had been offered a teaching job in Fort MacMurray, and that it would start on Monday.

This evening was his party. It was fun. As usual, I did my party trick of just sitting on the couch, listening to conversation threads around the room for a while. Although sometimes it seems like I'm not having fun at a party, sometimes I enjoy myself just by listening and not taking an active part in it. Debates was sitting beside me on the couch, doing the same for a while.

I was the last one to leave the party (at 2 am), which means, that a) I might live the closest and so don't have to leave early, or b) all my friends and I are turning into wimps as the years go by. Hell, if I, Jago, am the last to leave (which has kind of been the case at any occasion at Paul's apartment), something MUST be wrong...

In any case, I will be missing Foreman quite a bit, having made a decent friendship with him over the past few years in choir. We were always able to make conversation over geeky things, and we have similar senses of humour.

Yes, I'll even miss his puns. The puns have been a defining characteristic of both Foreman and my relationship with him. Anyone in the area when he makes a pun has been sure to hear me ranting in mock outrage, "That's IT! One more pun out of you, and I'm kicking your ass!"

Needless to say, it happened a lot.

I'll also miss all of our conversations, our injokes, his insights on things, and, of course, the "I'm Keith Morris' Kid" song.

Good luck up north, Keith. I'm sure you'll be a great math teacher for that high school.

* * *

I took the Geek Test, and am proud to say I'm only a geek, and nothing above Total Geek status. I have a 23.4% geek rating.

I consider myself a geek in some aspects, but a fully functioning member of society in others...

* * *

Got an e-mail from Anna tonight, letting me know she's still alive and well in Calgary after Fringe. I'm glad what we're able to keep in touch. Sometimes it's not one of my strong suits...

* * *

Found myself on the Failure message boards with a vengeance today.

On this message boards are a whole bunch of people I feel I know relatively well, since the board is comprised of a whole bunch of journal comics creators.

So there's a whole bunch of creative artists, most of whom can draw the hell out of anything, and guys who admire their work, like me. Because I can't draw worth crap...

But I have a lot of fun on this message board, just shooting the crap...

In fact, one of the posts was talking about Top Five songs that people "get busy" to. I ran down the lists, thinking, "Yeah, that one kicks ass. Oooh...I like that song...". So I started downloading that great songs.

Now I know, I know. I'm celibate, so why the hell am I downloading "songs to get busy to"?

a) Because the songs kick ass.

b) Who knows? It might happen that I need to throw on some romantic music at some point in the future...Just because I'm currently celibate doesn't mean that's set in stone. Although I'd have to find someone first...

* * *

Wow. This site kicks ass.

Remember the kid's show Blue's Clues? And the guy Steve, who wore that green striped sweater and was the host of the show? Well, Steve Burns has gone on to bigger and better, doing a kickass album that I will have to buy. You can hear the songs here.

Listening to: Steve Burns - "Mighty Little Man."

Reading: Getting back into Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, after taking a break for some Eggers, and the collected works of Hellblazer by various writers, and Hitman by Garth Ennis.

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