Hawking yet another item...

So I misplaced my toothpaste, toothbrush and comb somewhere last night. I brought them to the concert, so they're either at the DeCoSta house, in Barber's trunk, or in the bowels of the Victoria School dressing rooms.

Today, before I got into the store, I decided to go to Zellers and buy new supplies.

Let me tell you, the Colgate Massager toothbrush is the best toothbrush ever! A bit larger than most brushes, but it's got the rubber ends that massage your gums while you brush. SO nice...

Granted, I'm not going to go on another Menthol Kleenex-like rant here, but it's a very nice brush.

In other news, I've got no voice. None. There's a rasp that can masquerade as my voice, but it's not loud at all.

Good thing there's no Kow rehearsal tonight. Just some good ol' geek action when Marauder brings over the Xbox and Raw 2. Four-player season, baby!

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