Odd Transformations 2: My fascination for dark-haired vixens finally explained?

So I had a dream this morning. I think it was sort of a mixture in my head of Fringe (there was a festival where Kow was performing), prior high school trips (Heath was definitely there, although I hadn't seen him in a while; a friend Tara-Lynn was involved; it seemed to be at the Banff Centre of the Arts for a while), and work (my co-worker Terry was there).

So, brief synopsis from what I remember (Only remembering the last part here...):

I was in this place, performing on stages with Kow, when all of a sudden, I find my friend from high school, Tara-Lynn. Apparently, she's here for some reason, but whatever. We hang out in her hotel room when I'm not performing. Heath is there as well.

I spot Dev and MFJ in the crowd outside of the hotel balcony, and I go to grab MFJ, so I can give the two girls the opportunity to meet (shades of Fringe, where MFJ never was able to see Anna from the Scorpio crew).

But for some reason, MFJ was blitzed drunk (strange, because I never see her that way in the waking world). So I ended up pointing out Dev in the crowd ("See the guy in the black cowboy hat? Yeah, that's him.")

We meet up with Terry, who for some reason is trying to make time with Tara-Lynn (again, strange, because he's happily taken in the waking world). He asks, "So, what's the plan?" as her takes her hand and tries to lead her away, with my fuming in the foreground.

She takes her arm away. "Actually, Kyle and I have...something planned." And which point I glance smugly at Terry over my shoulder as we leave and see him distraught.

So, that's all I can really remember from it. Just my brain assimilating information, I guess. But still, pretty weird.

I'm not sure if Tara-Lynn was supposed to be an amalgam of all the VERY cute raven-haired lasses I know (Amy from Bentley, Anna, Mijke, Tara-Lynn to name a few of the many), but I'm thinking it's the most likely explanation.

And the rest of the stuff was just there. Strange.

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