Get ready for a bucket full of update!

Okay, now I'm pretty much going to just type things that have happened during my internet hiatus, and there's not going to be much in the way of linkage. But it's news to my audience, so here we go...

* * *

Odd Transformations 3

I dreamed that for some reason, my store was relocated. Instead of being in the mall, we had our own building. It was huge! I mean, this must have been a Superstore or a Costco previously, because there was a ladder to the elevated offices, and standing on the ladder, I could see out in all directions.

I remember thinking, "Fuck. The store's eighteen times as big as the old location, but I'm still going to have to know where everything is..."

I turn around and look in a direction. "Is that lettuce? Do I see fucking PRODUCE in a RadioShack? Why the hell do we stock lettuce???"

So, yeah. Make of that what you will...

* * *

Sam no longer works at the store. She quit on Wednesday. I kind of saw it coming, I guess.

She says the reason was all due to her boyfriend. Because her boyfriend hates all the guys at the store. Darren, Martin, me (who he's never even met...).

She said, "he told me it was either the job or him." I don't think that's the whole story, but her boyfriend is quite the jackass. He always called the store while I was closing up, asking if Sam was there and how long she'd be before she left the store. Sometimes, four, five times in a half hour.

I usually was pissed off by the guy.

But on Tuesday evening, she told me, "I won't be at inventory on Saturday. I've got to sell merchandise at a concert."

I asked her if she told Jeff about that. Because I KNOW he wouldn't let her miss inventory. I had NoHarm that night, and Terry was going to Calgary for the weekend, plans we had both told Jeff about months before we knew when inventory was happening. For Sam to give notice a mere three days prior would NOT cut it at all...

So she called on Wednesday before her closing shift, asking if she could have the day off. Darren told her no, since Jeff had to go to Grande Prairie for a relative's funeral. (Inventory's been pushed back a month due to it.) So she came in and quit there on the spot. No notice, no nothing.

Even though I got along with her, and I think I was her best friend on the staff, even I couldn't consider rehiring her if she decided to come back. The no notice thing was just plain irresponsible.

Still, she was fun to hang around with at the store.

* * *

Thursday: A 16-17 year old comes in the store, approaches me about camcorder tapes.

"What kind of camcorder do you have?" I ask.

"A Sony."

"Oh, you'll need 8 millimetre tape then. Over here."

While I was getting it for him, his friends start talking to him.

"Dude, I can't believe she agreed to do this."

I start dying laughing inside.

A friend asks me, "How well will this tape do in candlelight?"

Me, barely concealing a smile: "It really depends on the camera."

So, yeah. I sold tapes to a kid planning on making homemade porn with his girlfriend, something I'm sure all his friends will be watching.


* * *

Saleswise, the store's doing great. I'm sitting at an average of about $150 of sales an hour. I hope to keep it up, because I get double commission if I'm able to stay over $135.

* * *

Marauder's fitting well in choir, I think. He's getting the music down and hanging out with my circle of friends.

And I'm pretty sure the girls will be swooning over him due to his new cleanshaven heartthrob status.

I'm so glad he joined choir this year. Another talent he's developing.

And I'm loving the Futurama DVDs he lent me. Such funny, funny stuff...

* * *

Can't really think of much else that's been happening. Going over to the house to hang out with the guys, playing Raw 2 on the XBox

Oh, and my voice came back about a half hour into my shift. So, yay!

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