Back from exile

Got my internet and phone back after I finally paid my Telus bill.

When my internet die on me last week, my thoughts were, "Fine, I can handle not having internet until my next paycheck." While it's convenient to have high speed DSL, it's not like I'd wither and die without it.

And I was right.

When the phone line was temporarily disconnected?

THAT was a problem.

It was hard living a monastic life, relying on actually seeing my friends face to face to actually communicate. It made for some stressful moments when I was trying to figure out how to arrange different things like this morning's media appearance before Northern Harmony (happening today, since it's technically Saturday).

But, $214 later, everything's back to normal.


Big post later, with everything newsworthy and thoughtworthy from the past week. Now it's bedtime.

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