So cookies are a freakin' SOMETIMES food now?

By now, I'm sure most of you are aware with the changes going on at Sesame Street in the new season. Namely, the whole thing with Cookie Monster.

He has decided, apparently with the help of overreacting parents, to moderate his cookie input and start focusing on other kinds of healthier foods.

A brilliant critique was posted here. I agree with everything Fred Clark says in this article. Especially this quote:

"For the past three decades the Cookie Monster has been the monstrous embodiment of gluttony. He has, in other words, always taught children about healthy eating habits."

So now, in an effort to teach kids about healthy eating, Sesame Street is losing the ability to teach kids about subtext. Sad, really.

* * *

I went to Pavlov Improv on Saturday evening, only to find that I wouldn't be playing this week. Okay, fine and dandy. I participated in the workshop beforehand, and sat down to enjoy the show and the food that Jekyll and Hyde offers.

Five minutes before the show, I hit the bar to order a beer and water.

I come back into the stage part of the pub, only to be startled by my boss and co-worker at a table.

Me: "When did you guys get here?"

Mark: "Oh, about a minute ago."

Me: "Is this some sort of coincidence?"

Dustin: "No, we were at work today, got bored, and checked out the internet history, and found your website."

Me: "Oh."

Mark: "I asked Dustin, 'doing anything at 11 pm tonight?' So here we are."

Me: "Ah. Cool. Surprising, but cool. I'll have to notify you when I'm actually playing."

So we watched the show, with the two guys quizzing me on everything.

"What's with the dog routine? Is it always this low for audience? What's happening now?"

My reply was always: "Guys, it's the first night for this venue. I have no clue why the format is the way it is. We've never performed here before. I don't know."

So, in all, a decent startup, although for a 1:15 show, you DON'T need a twenty minute intermission. But that's something that'll be brought up at a later date...

* * *

The Edmonton Geek Society (or at least, Dev and I) will be taking a short hiatus while we actually decide to meet and determine the format of the blog, as well as everything else pertaining to that site.

My bad for opening it prematurely. We should have had a meeting to figure all this sort of stuff out beforehand, as opposed to us yelling at each other about formatting concerns and the like on the blog itself.

Also, Dev has exams. And I wish him the best of luck in those. And am expecting to come to the "exam end dance party" his class is trying to organize. (Is it this Friday? After our two concerts? And maybe Lee's birthday? Eurgh. So much stuff that day...)

* * *

Crappy Blogger Dictionary correction of the day: "Freakin'? What's freakin'? You meant FORESKIN, right?"

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