My excuse for not updating is having the weakest willpower in the world...

Before I start, I'd like to address my screenname (for those of you on my MSN list) before I have to explain this over and over.

Today, I came out of my closing shift at work, patting my pockets for my keys.

Not in my pants. Not in my jacket. Well, crap. This is bad.

I retrace my steps from when I arrived at work. I look in my driver's side window. Nope. No keys in there.

"After I closed the door, I...went into the trunk for a book?"

My keys had been sitting in my trunk keyhole for a good eight hours. Thank god I work in Capilano, mall to seniors. If I had pulled that kind of boneheaded move at Kingsway, or Mill Woods? Goodbye car.

At least nobody noticed enough to steal my ride, I thought. I got into my car, about to drive off. And noticed the note someone attached to my windshield: "Keys in trunk."

* * *

My boss and I have been having a war of music recently.

I burned an MP3 disc that would last the store for an entire shift. Of course, it's all music from my hard drive, and, while it's all clean, it's not Mark's type of music.

He, you see, is the biggest Aqua fan you'll ever meet. Aqua, you see, is one of my "most annoying bands."

So we'd play "Duck Season, Rabbit Season." What I mean by this is you'd hear about three songs off of my disc, and then it would go to his sixty-minute music mix. Which I'd have to hear again and again. And again.

As I told Dustin, our third, I wouldn't MIND playing Duck Season, Rabbit Season, as long as I weren't always playing the Daffy Duck role. "Because you KNOW that at some point, my bill will be on the other side of my face, and I'll have to straighten it out."

I realized how young Dustin was when he started yelling "Dustin Season" every time he threw in HIS mix.

* * *

This weekend will be harsh. Because, since the lawsuit that was filed against RadioShack Canada/Circuit City by RadioShack USA, we're going to have to do a mini-inventory to see what products still have the RS logo on them.

Since my boss and third are part of the Prairie Wrestling Alliance, they've got a show on Saturday. Sunday, of course, is Wrestlemania, and I asked for that day off.

I won't be able to get it off, and since we don't want to do inventory during the evening, we have to do it in the morning. So I'll be at the store for 7 am. Which, due to DST, is actually 6 am. Luckily, I get off in time to see the wrassle-fightin'.

I'll be one tired puppy.

* * *

World of Warcraft isn't ruining my life. But it's sure not helping it, either. But it's SO FUN!

My biggest quest yet was one where I had to go across a continent to scuba dive for a pendant that gives my character a kick-ass sea lion form. It was the coolest quest. If only I wasn't saddled with what seemed to be a 14-year-old to do it.

But I'm now able to swim without breathing, which is pretty sweet-ass.

* * *

In any case, I should head, since the boys and I are going out for some steak at the Outback. Nummy!

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Silly Dan said...

So...this co-worker of yours is a big fan of Scandinavian dance-pop and a part-time pro wrestler? Didn't see that coming.