Men Are From Mars, My Sister Is from a Mirror Image of Moose Jaw.

This week, I was directed to this site, which is Google's map section. Recently, they've put satellite maps for most cities in the database.

While Edmonton is mapped via satellite, unfortunately it doesn't go that far down.

Now MOOSE JAW, however...

Once I found this, I started looking around at hometown landmarks, trying to find my home (Note: The picture, if you were to see it on the actual site, is a LOT bigger...I'm not trying to kill myself looking for a ant-size house...), etc. And I decided to get my sister in the action.

After about ten minutes of looking, EJ finds the house. The problem was, according to her, that women don't see as spatially as men. So since we lived on the north side of town, and were always driving south to get anywhere, EJ thought the layout of Moose Jaw was flipped upside down.

Me: "You see the Sunningdale church? And McGranes' pool right above it?"
EJ: "Yeah."
Me: "We're across the street from there."
EJ: "Oh, god. That's my problem."
Me: "What?"
EJ: "I was looking on South Hill."
Me: "What??"

So we started playing "what part of town is this" with the satellite imagery for about an hour. I even tried to get Mom involved, but she couldn't navigate through the site, and it was late.

* * *

A message board I frequent is hosting one of the stupidest-slash-most-awesome arguments ever:

If there was an island filled with groups of robots, pirates, dinosaurs or ninjas, who would win?

To be quite honest, it only started getting great once people started trying to make ground rules as opposed to mocking the guy who asked the question. There's nothing funnier than seeing people scoff at one guy, only to be brought into the argument because their interest becomes piqued.

This is why I love moderate-sized message boards instead of huge places like, say, Suicide Girls or even one of my own old haunts, Newsarama. There's enough people to have a wide range of opinions, and still small enough to see like high school or something...

* * *

Canton, Dev and I are planning on starting a geek blog in the near future. I'm not sure what that would mean for this one. Because I really like this site, and I don't want it to turn into rants about work exclusively.

But we'll see when the time comes around for the new one...


Anonymous said...

How geeky is this geek blog planned to be? Like posting programming tips and such?

Diego said...

I'm still in this thing, remember. I can out-geek the three of you with a geek-fold on.

The Doc said...

I don't want to speak for Jago, anonymous, but I believe what you're referring to is a nerd blog. The geek blog, as we had originally imagined it, would be about pop culture and our own individual obsessions.

Also: Jago, man, we need an update about Rajaton! It is necessary!