An apology

Over the past few months, I've noticed one of my friends has been leaving comments under the initial "J."

Such as this one last month (in reply to my manager calling me Gay-go):


That is AWESOME~!

That is now how I will refer to you when talking to people who have not yet met you. I'll just put it offto some pronunciation mistake...

-J (on holiday!)"

To which I reply:

"In other news, Joanne is dead to me."

Or this one from about two weeks back:

"Holy crap. That yeti story, while hilarious, is pretty much the geekiest thing I have *ever* read, on any blog, ever in my lifetime. And I'm pretty much head geek/nerd where I work. =)

My compliments, Jago!! I am truly impressed...

So I've been attributing these quotes to Jo, my Vancouver friend who I know reads my journal.

When it's actually been Justice, who disappeared off the face of the earth two months ago!

So, Jo, I'm sorry I mistook Justice's posts for you. Although, in hindsight, they make a lot more sense coming from him. But this way, it's less funny.

Justice, I'm sorry I thought you were a girl.

* * *

Anyone know why I can't access my own blog from my computer? I can log in and edit fine, but I can't actually see the finished product.

When I click on my "favourites" link, it's automatically taking me back to blogger.com/home. If I type it in manually, same thing...

Any ideas?


Silly Dan said...

Yeah, I can see your blog OK, but Canton/Worst Ninja Ever's is missing. Probably a transient network outage.

the Worst Ninja Ever said...

I will dispute the fact that my blog (that's worstninjaever.blogspot.com) is missing. I can see it just fine, and so can anyone else if they just go to worstninjaever.blogspot.com

For the record, Jago, I can see your blog just fine, but not as fine as I can see my own blog, located at worstninjaever.blogspot.com

Jago said...

All that whoring, and you don't even have the courtesy to throw up a link?

For shame!

Silly Dan said...

See? Transient network outage. Nothing is broken, everything is fine.