I'm sure Dev's tired of rolling for horror now...

Canton, Marauder, Dev and I played some Hellboy RPG last night. It's based on the GURPS system, and Dev's setting it in a time before Hellboy's Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (the 1930s, to be exact).

Canton's playing a mechanical man who's pretty much a robot before robots were around. Marauder's playing a British fop who can potentially be the world's greatest magician. Dev's minding the game as well as playing a technophile insect. (Not incest, like I was typing in earlier.)

I am a yeti. Which was funny for the fact that Marauder had to roll a horror check against seeing me for the first time, and his character ended up flipping out of his chair.

So it was up to us to save Marauder's uncle from Nazis attacking his mansion.

Canton and I decided to create a diversion for the Nazis. I sneaked up behind two Nazis, swung my mighty club, and disabled (no, I mean DISABLED) both of them. The other two Nazis took one look at me, and their brains snapped by seeing an 8 foot monster. They fell to the ground, crying and holding each other.

Dev glares at me, and sends two other Nazis over with flashlights. Those ones have a worse reaction than the first two.

I'm laughing on the couch. Dev tells me "Yeah, I thought six Nazis might challenge you."

So he sends Nazi zombies out. Ones that can't be scared. Which give me a bit more of a challenge. But, let's face it: When I've got a strength of 30 (normal human is 10), and can cripple people with a simple swing of my club? And when I've got a monstrous appearance to boot?

Although my health's not the greatest, since I almost got killed by a combination of zombies, Nazi guns, and a big baddie that blew fire.

Still, Snorri's one of the more fun characters I'm playing.

* * *

When I was driving Marauder home yesterday, I found a great store on St. Albert Trail. I forget what is was called, but it (successfully?) combines two markets I really wouldn't think to include in the same building:

Used Cars. Alcohol.

Seriously, how is this allowed?

* * *

While Dev and I were watching some Arrested Development over the weekend, he told me that Portia di Rossi and Ellen Degeneres are currently an item.

At the store, we're currently playing Finding Nemo on the TVs, and I told Dustin this news by stating that Ellen's the luckiest person on earth.

Dustin: "Yeah, I only wish that she was bisexual instead of lesbian. Then I'd have a chance with her."

Me: "Meh. It doesn't matter whether she's heterosexual or homosexual, so long as she's into me. She'd have to be Jagosexual."

* * *

I picked up some comic books on Friday.

I picked up the last trade of the first Runaways series and wasn't disappointed. Brian K. Vaughan (Y the Last Man, Machina Ex) is one of my favourite comic book writers, and this wrapped up the first series well, with some great characterization and some big surprises.

The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman (Invincible), is a great zombie story, dealing with a man who wakes up from a coma to find himself in the middle of a world where there's mostly zombies. Some awesome stuff.

Finally, I picked up the last Bone trade. Man, I think I'll make that the first post of the EGS.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap. That yeti story, while hilarious, is pretty much the geekiest thing I have *ever* read, on any blog, ever in my lifetime. And I'm pretty much head geek/nerd where I work. =)

My compliments, Jago!! I am truly impressed...

Jago said...

Sounds like the perfect time to whore the Edmonton Geek Society, a new blog co-written by yours truly! Along with D!, Dev, and Canton!

No, seriously, check it out.

Diego said...

"Canton, Marauder, Dev and I played some Hellboy RPG last night."

So when's the Hellboy game Dev's been itching to run for a year gonna--ohhhhhh, I'm not invited.

"Sounds like the perfect time to whore the Edmonton Geek Society . . . No, seriously, check it out."

Uh . . . would you mind if we put some content on it first? That's literally a dead link.

I mean that in the most constructive criticism kind of way.

Jago said...

There's the link, for real this time.

Stupid HTML skills, or lack thereof.

Besides, it's just as easy to access from my links on the front page...