So is this why my district manager's pissed off at me constantly?

Last week, I was asked to go to an assistant manager meeting on my day off. Now, I missed the last one, and my DSM, Mike, called up Chris to find out why I didn't go (I slept in).

So I show up at this meeting, and Jason, the AM of West Ed, said, "Jago! Long time no see!"

Me: "Sure, I missed the last one."

Jason: "Oh, it's been more than one."

I was confused, but I thought that Jason was exaggerating. It happens with him.

And then we had the usual kind of AM meeting, where I was sitting in the back, throwing out snappy comments every now and then. Granted, I was not always the ass, and did throw in a legitimate two cents when necessary. Still, as the guy in the district with the most senority, I feel I can come off as the jaded wiseass.

Today, I was calling up Kingsway to steal some product. Ammon was asking me if he could bring it to tomorrow's meeting.

Me: What meeting?

Ammon: The assistant manager's meeting. You know, the one we have every week?

Me: I'd hardly call last week and once a month every week.

Ammon: No, we've been having them every week. For about a month or so.

Me: So, exactly why was I not told about this?

And after I got off the phone with Ammon, I realized exactly what Jason was talking about. And realized that I must be in Mike's bad book for not attending meetings I wasn't aware of.

Gotta remember to tell my boss about scheduling me so I can make these meetings from now on.

* * *

My boss signed something with my initials, to show that I was the one who was taking care of it. Only he made my initials K.G.

So I told him that my initials were, in fact, K.J.

Me: "It's not like my name's Kyle Gay-go."

Mark looks at me with a smirk. Before he could say anything, I replied, "No, it's really not. And I'm not."


Anonymous said...


That is AWESOME~!

That is now how I will refer to you when talking to people who have not yet met you. I'll just put it offto some pronunciation mistake...

-J (on holiday!)

Jago said...

In other news, Joanne is dead to me.

Anonymous said...

hey gago, i found your secret italian blog http://gago.splinder.com/


Anonymous said...

sorry, i should have asked if it was spelled gago, or if it was actually *spelled* gay-go. if it's gaygo, i found your secret gay party club website http://www.gaygo.nl/