Attack of the Nerd!

Okay, I realized whose car that was last night, if only for the fact that they were waking me up at 4:30 AM saying goodbye to whoever lives in the apartment complex and decided to let them have my spot.


* * *

I'll go on the record and admit it: I am a geek. I hang out with geeks. We do geek things.

Roleplay, watch wrestling, play cards, watch DVDs of television seasons, etc.

I am friends with geeky people.

BUT! At least the guys I hang out with and I are social enough. While I wouldn't say we hide our geekish tendencies (hell, I'd say we tend to flaunt them), we were accepted for who we are and have friends from all different walks of life.

Still, nerds freak me the hell out.

I had one kid who must have been about, I dunno. 19 or so, who came into the store today and started asking me about games.

Nerd: "Do you sell Gamecube games?"

Me: "No. We just sell PS2 and Game Boy games."

Nerd: "So why do you have Nintendo racks, then?"

Me: "For my Game Boy games."

Nerd: "What was in the empty ones?"

Me: "I dunno. They change from month to month. We put whatever game we get in stock in the cabinet. And then we sell out of some."

It went on fro a while from there, with him asking me about the sales of Donkey Kong Country, and other stuff I had no clue about.

He FINALLY leaves, and I just roll my eyes at Deryk.

The nerd comes back about 15 minutes later.

Nerd: "So do you play games a lot?"

Me (just trying to get him out of the store): "No, not really."

Nerd: "Here's a question for you. Who's tougher: Wario or Bowser?"

I couldn't BELIEVE I was hearing this. And I REALLY didn't want to get in a debate about such a stupid context with a guy I could care less about. (Although I'd definitely do it with friends. Answer: Bowser. In one punch.)

I mumbled something about not being able to answer that, since I was busy, and he finally got the clue.

Yipes. I get some strange guys in the store.

As I was telling Crazy Eight when she came in for a visit, that was a reason I could never work at a gaming store.

* * *

Hey, I just came back from doing some voice work for the ESC show tomorrow.

I was playing the part of a child who's brainwashed by German expressionists for some taped lines.

So, since I'm now involved, anyone's free to come join Dev and I to watch the ESC's show tomorrow.

8 pm Friday and Saturday. 11516 103 St (a block south of NAIT. Two blocks northeast of Kingsway Mall). $5.

It'll be fun, and not at all an inappropriate venue, like the Kow Christmas Cabaret. This time, it's not Christmas time, so any sacrilege they do is for fun.

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