Whoo! I gots me a car!

Guys, it's SO cool!

I got a coupe! It's got one rad metal spoiler and decals from audio installers on it! I'm not sure what colour it is yet, since I've only seen it in the nighttime.

I think it's a midnight blue.

But anyways, I now own a car!

At least, I'm assuming so. There's not really any other reason why said car is IN MY PARKING SPACE!

* * *

So I'm being driven to drink at work. Well, okay, it's not THAT bad, but I'm really missing having two days off.

For those of you not in the know, assistant managers in my company are supposed to work 44 hours a week.

When I was working at Bonnie Doon, I just added an hour to all my evening shifts, which usually did the trick.

At WEM, under my boss Deryk, I get to work an extra half day! WHOOOOO!

I mean, hey, why should I get a full day off? I mean, what's with that? Two days off a week is for pussies!

While I'm ranting, is it too much to ask for Wednesday eves off, so I can rehearse with Kow? Hell, it's not like I'm doing the old choir routine, where I had to take Saturdays off as well as Wednesday evenings.

Am I being a hardass by asking for a four hour block off, especially when I seem to be working every other day anyways?


* * *

Just so this isn't a completely negative, bitter post, I might as well say what's making me happy these days:

Nonstop Buffy and Angel. Ever since Sarah gave Dev his Season 3 of Buffy back, I've been catching up to get to the point where I can borrow Dev's Seasons 4 and 5.

And Canton, Dev and I are going through the first season of Angel as well, with me screaming every time future events in Buffy (from my POV, being a half season of Buffy behind, chronologically) are mentioned.

Eh, at least Canton's further behind me in the Buffywatching...

Also, Canton and I saw Shrek 2 on Monday. Whoo Hoo! I liked it better than the first, after a day's reflection. More original story, and Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots steals the movie away.

Don't worry, K-Dell. My first screening won't hurt me going in the next week with you. I'd see it again.

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