Ranter from the Year 3000! (with echoes!)

First off: Pentax, a camera manufacturer, has really pissed me off with their new trademarked slogan:

"The Official Digital Camera of the Internet"

When I heard about this, I had to vent to girlone and Kard, whether they understood what the hell I was talking about or not.

Okay, for one thing, how can you justify such a claim?

Coke can be the official soft drink of the Olympics, mostly because there's a governing body (The Olympic Committee) that says, "Hey! Coke wants to give us money if we say that they're our official sponsor. I think we should let them give us millions of dollars for this."

If Nike wants to be the official shoe of Canada, let them throw money at our government. At least some money's being thrown around for the privilege of saying that.

Last I checked, there's not really a governing or regulatory body for the Internet (no matter what Al Gore wants us to believe...). It's all fine and dandy to say, "Hey! Our camera? Offical internet camera!" but there's NO WAY to qualify that.

The internet as a whole is not being paid for this. The internet as a whole can't say, "Yeah, We love Pentax SOOOO much! Show us the money!"

Hell, if that's the case, I'm "officially" the "Sexiest Man Online™!" It's OFFICIAL! I SAY SO!

Jeez, this is like Fox News trademarking "Fair and balanced" all over again.

Jackass corporations.

* * *

Hey, guess what? I've got a plagiarist for a premier!

AND! He used to be a journalist in Calgary! Wheee! I live in the best province ever!

* * *

Channel 101 is the best site I've found all month.

It's a website featuring a lot of small five-minute movies, all based on television ideals.

Some hilarious stuff on here, although not for everyone.

For everyone, I'd recommend Time Belt, The 'Bu (featuring Sarah Chalke, mother of my future children), or Twigger's Holiday.

If you want something, um, different, try Second Time Around, or The Harper Twins Mystery Files, or Six Months to Live.

Second Time Around is the story of a 30-year-old guy who falls in love with a junior high teacher. Problem is, she keeps on falling in love with her students. So the guy decides to enroll back in junior high and pretend to be a preteen.

The Harper Teens are like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, if they were into incest.

Six Months to Live is a musical show about three friends who are all terminal.

Also? Sockbaby is the best no-budget martial arts fighting I have ever seen.

The site's the brainchild of Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon, previously known for the comic book, Scud: The Disposable Assassin.

Every month, new shows are screened, and it's up to the audience to vote shows into the next month. Picked shows are given another episode. New pilots pop up to replace old ones voted off...

Please, check this site out. Although you have been warned.

* * *

Do you remember a time when there wasn't such a thing as fashion? And you were able to wear whatever the hell you wanted?

I miss those days, but I was reminded of them when I saw a four-year-old kid in the mall wearing the big black rubber boots. No shame involved, just a kid clomping around.

When I was younger (no, not just last week...), I tended to be a little nudist in the house and backyard. Some embarrassing pics, let me tell you. Especially the one of me nude in a box, playing some board game.

* * *

Stupid act of the month:

When I was in Moose Jaw during tour, I decided to use my brother's computer to download pics from my camera and burn them to CD. Just so I wouldn't have to walk around with photos from Kingston's wedding in March.

So I burned them onto disc, and gave them to Sarah, saying, "The pics of Jeremy's chalk drawings are on here."

She can't open them. Odd. I'll take them home and see.

So on Wednesday, I throw the disc in my computer, and, surprise! The disc's blank! I never burned it.

Well, okay. I might have left them in a folder on Brade's comp.

Ah. Braden can't find them. Did I delete them after I "burned" the disc? Yes. Yes, I did.


There go all my pics of Royal Roads College, the most beautiful school ever. And there go my pics of Kingston and I dancing the "Kingston," the best dance ever...

* * *

Quote of the day (from a venting session girlone and I just had): "I'm sorry you don't understand technology enough to know that water plus electronics equals ruined."

* * *

Dev and I had a brunch at Denny's today, just talking in general about Top Five lists in preparation for this month's book club. It was a fun afternoon, although we're not sure if our waitress will be showing up at our doors saying she's pregnant with our child. (She kept calling us "Sweetie" and "Honey." Nothing else happened. I swear.)

* * *

Reading: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. The book club's doing it on Monday

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