The week that ate Jago

So, in the space of one week, I've worked at three different stores. It's made for some tiring, tiring shifts. Especially since I only got back into my usual sleeping patterns yesterday, as opposed to my waking up at 7 thanks to choir tour.

On my first day at WEM, I sold a laptop computer on the RadioShack card with three year warranty! Whoo!

Then it was off to Sherwood Park, where the manager's on vacation and so assistants have to go in and babysit the store. I recieved an entire order in one afternoon.

It was pretty crazy on my seocnd SP shift on Friday. It wasn't too bad for the first part, but after 7 pm, it went insane!

I was getting a cell phone from the SP Rogers for my coworker. When I come back a mere ten minutes later, there's eight people at the till.

So I'm shoving through as many people as I could. I then had this one crazy woman who was talking about how a satellite installer flipped out on her. She was talking to me for ten minutes, while I was saying, "Look, I'm not the manager of the store. Although he WILL be back on Monday..."

Ended up making $1800 for the company that night. Followed by waiting at the mall for girlone to pick me up so we could go to Morris' birthday.

I ended up making a song about it, set to the tune of Mandy by Barry Manilow.

Oh, girlone. You came to pick me up so tardy,

You know I was quite concerned,

But girlone, you eventually came by, no problems...

At Morris' birthday, I was introduced to "Subjective Guess Who," which uses the normal Guess Who board game, but with really subjective questions.

None of this "Do they wear glasses?" crap. I was asking questions like, "Has your person ever acted on Broadway?" or "Would your person survive in an Elizabethan court?"

Morris was so astonished that I was able to win two games of Guess Who using completely subjective questions. Apparently, I am master of Subjective Guess Who.

More-ass decided to take me on, which led to two stalemates. Although it led to such great questions as, "Would I sleep with this person after seven beers?" (Answer: Well, the guy was pretty rugged. And it IS More-ass we're talking about here...)

I got home at 3 am, all ready to go to sleep and wake up for that 45 minute bus ride to WEM. And get there at 9 am. Eurgh.

Afterards, Dev, Marauder and I were getting REALLY into Tiger Woods Pro Tour 2004 for PS2. And I mean, "Hey, let's have another game of Stroke play. It's only 1:30 am."

I am the most inconsistent golfer ever. It's like, I go from four over par on some holes while the announcers mock my inability to hit the analog stick in a straight line, and on the next hole, I chip in a shot from the rough onto the green for an eagle!

Or my hole in one which made Marauder, Dev and I scream.

So, in a round where I SO didn't win, I still was able to bring in $40,000 by sinking some impossible shots. And bought some new clubs because of it.

Which leads to today. Not a bad day at work. Steady stuff, including a lot of foreign travellers buying things like the one Norwegian who came in and just up and bought a GPS unit. And then after I rang in the sale, his friend come up and says, "Me too, please."

In any case, going to the house to hang out some. And eat. And do laundry.

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