How'd I get here?

So I call up the store on Sunday after I get back from tour. So I can figure out my schedule now that I'm back.

Jeff answers the phone, and says, "What? You haven't heard?"

Me: "Heard what?"

Jeff: "You're going to West Ed for a month."

Me: "What? Why didn't they tell me this???"

So, yeah. I'm the assistant manager at West Edmonton Mall for the month of May (the smaller Phase I store, not the huge Phase II store...).

The reason for this, according to Mitch, is that Ted was freaked out by the $10,000 inventory loss that happened since last month's inventory.

So either Tom was fudging some numbers and I was helping him, or Tom was fudging some numbers and I was none the wiser. (I'll let you guess which way I'm thinking...)

At which point Mitch realized that I didn't have the proper training, so he sent me off to a store that could help me out with that.

Ted wanted his AM in the BD store, so they could get things worked out in the system he likes. Then, apparently, I'm heading back.

So, I'll be at WEM if anyone wants to visit. Maybe for only the month, maybe for a lot longer. Who knows?

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