Odd Transformations 11

So all this Buffy watching I'm doing lately certainly has added up to a weird dream this morning.

I was hanging out with K-Dell, who had recently gone to a small town called Rattlesnake for a gig, along with some other friends.

They went for a weekend, playing at some club in this town. K-Dell was telling me all about the time he had.

Apparently, Seth Green (Oz) and Nicolas Brendan (Xander) were both part of the band.

Now I'm not sure if they were in the roles of the actors themselves in my dream, or playing their Buffy counterparts. It might have been the show band Dingos Ate My Baby, with some of my friends thrown in for good measure, or the two actors might have joined a band featuring my friends.

In any case, they had taped the concert, so I was watching it, marveling over the fact that I didn't know Nicolas could sing so well.

The really weird thing was the repertoire they were singing: Show tunes and vocal jazz were in the mix. I can't remember if they were singing them as a rock band, or if they were doing them straight, but I do remember hearing "Good Ol' Reliable Nathan" from Guys and Dolls, and "South of the Border," a vocal jazz song I did back in high school.

And this bar in Rattlesnake, which looked more like my camp's rec hall, with long tables and a few couches, didn't really have much of a crowd, other than some friends hanging around on the couches along with the band.

A very low-key affair.

* * *

So I've been turning on the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the store, and it's always the Calgary games I'm tuning in to.

The funniest thing about the playoffs is the player named Jordan Leopold.

Every time I hear his name being announced, I automatically think of that Bugs Bunny cartoon featuring the opera singer that Bugs conducts.

Because Bugs plays the part of the conductor Leopold, who's announced by the mutterings of the orchestra who's shocked to see him.

"Leopold! Leopold? Leopold! Leopold!"

* * *

Whatever happened to Dayna Manning?

About five years ago, she was everywhere, with her Canadian debut album, featuring the song "Half the Man."

Now? Disappeared, I guess. Either that, or playing a lot of low key events.

I was listening to "Half the Man" on the Starchoice feed at work, and just went, "Yeah, I remember this song. I like this song."

So where has she gone?

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