The weekend that never ended...

Well, I've got furniture now. My apartment is looking a lot more like an apartment and less like a warehouse for clothes.

I've gotta thank my family for giving me a sectional couch, a microwave, repainting some coffee tables, and driving these articles the eight hours from Moose Jaw.

Also, for some reason after Dad stayed at my place for the weekend, and after I worked the entire long weekend, I was so tired last night, I just woke up from 13 hours of sleep. Wow. This doesn't happen that often, maybe once in a blue moon. Granted, I tend to thrive on 9-10 hours of sleep a day, but 13 hours is pretty long, even for me.

Oh, and I'm planning my apartment warming. The big question is, how many people can I stuff in this apartment? I guess I'll be finding out.

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