Are you there, God? It's me, Jago.

Well, here we go. I thought it was time, with my new place, and (hopefully) new job, to start a weblog. Just so I don't go absolutely crazy. Plus, it builds my writing skills. I've been non-writing long enough, if you don't count the many parody songs, plays and scripts I've collaborated on for the past four years.

A new beginning, as it were.

First, let me start off by saying this:

I do NOT like working for RadioShack.

As long as they keep us understaffed and underpaid, I will CONTINUE to not like working at RadioShack.

I'm sorry. When I have to pull a 5-hour Friday shift by myself because my manager leaves early, and my assistant manager becomes sick, I am not a happy Jago. Especially when I want to go and perform at improv.

And when a woman comes in with a broken discman, does not have the receipt or ANY of the parts that came with it (instructions, headphones, car adapter, cassette adapter) and wants a refund because it "never worked properly," I get pissed off.

ESPECIALLY when she says, "I'm sure I bought it here. You can't find the receipt? Well, can you try Capilano? No? Can you try Kingsway? No? Can you try Southgate? No? Londonderry? No? Okay, it must have been Sherwood Park, then."

ESPECIALLY when she wants a refund, and when I won't give it to her, she wants me to call my boss at home. Or the boss of Sherwood Park at home.

And then she leaves my store to go return something at Zellers, and promises she'll be back to buy something, even though the mall closes in 10 minutes.


Not happy. God, I wish Warp would call now. Just so I can leave the job I've not liked for almost two years now.

So, yeah. First post, and already the bitching starts.

Just so you know, it won't always be like this. Some griping, sure, but not constant. I'm planning on just writing, be it stories, fiction, poetry, whatever. I might even throw some of my pictures on line. Just because I can.

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