Musings 1

I've decided that for recurring themes, such as my thoughts and musings, I'd go with a numbering system not unlike what Dave Sim incorporates into his comic epic Cerebus. Whenever something that doesn't necessarily fit into the storyline, he'll use a title such as "Odd Transformations" or "Mind Games" and number them if they keep on showing up over the course of a comic.

So, the first occurrence of Musings:

- Is there a more beautiful smell than that of impending rain? I was walking from the house (for all intents and purposes, Stan, Devin and Colin's house is called 'the house', not DaCoSta...) and smelled my favourite natural smell ever, I'm pretty sure. (Eventually, I'll do a list of my favourite smells, when it's not after a night of fun and hanging out.)

There's just something about the smell of rain that really refreshes me. It's as if the rain will wash all the dirt and grime out, and the streets will start anew, from scratch.

Maybe it's because, where I'm from, rain isn't that big of an occurrence. Snow, hell yeah, and a lot of sun, but rain doesn't happen frequently.

But it is one of my favourite things, walking down the street before an impending storm, listening to the silence and smelling the dewy precipitation before the heavens open up and the rain falls.

It calms me.

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