Odd Transformations 1

Strange dream I had this morning. I'll try to put down all the tidbits I remember.

- I was at a large amusement park. It, in turn, had quite the long chain of water rides. I was wanting to go waterbiking, that is, riding a huge paddlebike.

- The lifeguard on duty was Mike, a friend I met this year in choir. No clue why he was there. We talked. I invited him to my real-life apartment warming.

- My ex-roommate Colin was at a table with me with a whole bunch of choir girls I never hang around with. He didn't know anyone there.

- Back at the water ride, I turned around to see Doug Hartfield, a classmate from high school. It took me a bit to remember who he was. I mentioned that I logged onto classmates.com, and he put down the wrong birthdate. When was he REALLY born? "In the 1950s," he said. I'm pretty sure he told me a precise date, but it must have been wrong, because that would've made him in his 40s when he was at school, and in his 50s now. "That's right," he said.

So, over the course of this dream, I met three friends from different times of my life at an amusement waterpark. And I found out that one of them was a lot older than I suspected. After I get back from work, I think I'll look up a dream interpretation site and see what this might mean.

Still, this wasn't half as weird as my anxiety dream from a few years back where I was completely unprepared for a play. I'll tell that story when I have enough time.

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