Odd Transformations 23: Man, infants pack a punch...

So this dream involved a Mill Woods-like mall, and my dad was owning/managing a store that my sister and I were working at.

A family business.

It was a slow day, since I would constantly be wandering around the mall, seeing what was new. There was apparently a bar I kept on going into. A bar that had either new books or new comic book trades on its tables, since I was perusing the tables to see if there were any I hadn't read.

A toddler wanders into the bar. I pick him up to take him outside the bar to his mom. The kid starts screaming for his dad as soon as I take him into my arms.

I start trying to console him: "Shhh. No, your mommy's here. I'm taking you to her."

I hand the kid to his mother, who smiles and thanks me, apologizing for the way her son was acting up.

EJ appears on the scene. I tell the mother it's no problem, and EJ and I head back towards the store.

From behind me, I hear a gurgling gagging from the toddler. I think to myself "Uh oh. This isn't good."

At which point a tidal wave of vomit hits me full force, knocking me over. To the point where I'm completely covered from head to toe.

At which point I know I need to leave the mall, head home, and shower and change clothes. But first I have to tell Dad.

That's pretty much where I woke up, after some talking with my dad about how I obviously have to leave work early, since I'm covered in baby spew. As was EJ, but not quite as much as I was.

* * *

The newest lineup of Channel 101 shorts has hit, including a brand new House of Cosbys.

Seriously, this show keeps on getting better and better.

Also, Laser Fart, the show that at the beginning of its run was a way for the admin of the site to show what he meant about knocking a pilot off in a few hours, has become the emotional center of the site. Seriously.

Also, you might want to check out Dick Richards, Private Dick, a story about a detective that's amazingly animated with a bunch of black and white photographs. Such great stuff this month, although one of my faves, Magick Haus, was cancelled this time around.

* * *

I'm making the evite for my birthday party today. We're going to go bowling if it kills me.

* * *

But for now, there's a bit more sleep I want to catch up on. Just wanted to transcribe my dream before I forgot about it.

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