Sort of a new beginning. Also, I'm sorry.

Ever have one of those times where you decided that there's way too much to write and not enough time to give it the attention it needs? And then it just keeps on piling up on you, until you've got a three-week backlog worth of stories?

Yeah. that's me.

But since this issue is VERY important, I'll go into it before I update you onto the other stuff.

* * *

I've been transferred to Kingsway. (I'm going back to nicknames for the most part. Especially for the people who need them. And I'm not going to refer to my company as anything but The Company.) The Eternal Frat Boy, my boss at KGM, really needed a helping hand, so I was yanked away from Mark for a few weeks.

So when EFB came into the store, he and I went to the food court for a chat.

We talked about the shape of the store, the stuff that happened recently, and just about a whole lot of things.

All of a sudden, because we were talking about "The Friday that Almost Made Jago Kill Someone," CapGirl (the manager who was talking behind Mark's back) came up.

EFB: So, you've got a website.

Me: I sure do.

EFB: Why?

Me: I use it to rant.

EFB: Having a website's not good. People have seen it. Like CapGirl.

Me: Good. There's nothing there I wouldn't say to her face.

EFB: No, man. This could be a Human Resources issue. It's character defamation.

Me: It's really not, EFB. Trust me, I took courses on libel and defamation in school. She'd have no case.

EFB: She says you called her a bad mother.

Me: I'm pretty sure I didn't. (I didn't. I might have called her kids spoiled rugrats and fuckers and questioned why she brought a two- and four-year old to an inventory. But I never called her a bad mother.)

EFB: Still, there's the chance she could try to take you down based on your website.

Me: That's a bitchy thing to do.

EFB: As it was, I defended you. I said there's no way you'd do something like that. And then I found the website.

Me: Really, it's not hard to find. Just google "Kyle Jago." It'll be the first thing to pop up.

ERB: Well, could you stop writing on your website?

Me: No. There's no way I'm shutting down my personal page where I can express myself.

ERB: Could you at least move it? So CapGirl can't find it?

Me: That I could do.

So, yeah. I almost got dooced. So I'm making some changes here. Nothing drastic, but I'm not referring to my worksplace with proper names of the company or people. Unless they say it's find.

And, of course, the change of address.

Gotta go, watching some Joe Schmo.


Anonymous said...
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Jago said...

One hour into a new site and spam already?


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Keep fighting the good fight! You're like a superhero :).

Kay Nova

Gray's Matter said...

In defense of you, no one ever get fired for blogging...meaning, if you're going to get fired, they're already looking to do it anyway for another reason. Although I agree that it's a good idea to keep your rants anonymous, especially considering people can easily find your blog!

Glad you are still alive!

Silly Dan said...

I thought it was something like that, though I'm glad you moved rather than deleted your site. I've been considering locking down any entry I have where I mention work (though I'll openly admit to where I work) for similar reasons.

I've also made sure to use wacky nicknames to anonymize everyone I mention in my weblog, such as "The Dubliner", "Bad Influence", and "Jago".

Duff Man said...

I've met capbitch, and i can verify that she is indeed a horrible person... I mean mother.

FACK YOU J**... god I hope she finds this blog too

Axler said...

Not too hard to find from the old URL. It still links to your profile.

Jago said...

Not any more, Axler. I fixed that.

D Train said...

I once had a friend named Jan.
I also once had a friend named Kootis. Neither of them was as big as a tool as these other two assclowns I knew named Jen and Curtis. Thank You.