Feeling icky.

So I'm starting to come down with something. It's not quite to the point of Kleenex-with-Menthol sick, or passing-out-when-calling-my-boss sick or even the case of suffering-from-both -heatstroke-and-chill-at-the-SAME-TIME-and-passing-out-in-the-bathroom sick.

I called my boss after throwing up this morning, saying I wouldn't be in. Unfortunately, it's inventory (yes, the second one in two weeks), and things need to be ready for the count on Saturday.

So I slept a bit more and came in late. It was the job of the day to completely dismantle the downstairs stockroom. I almost passed out a few times. I was as weak as a kitten and couldn't do much other than the occasional lifting job and reading out stock numbers.

Obviously, I didn't think I was able to make choir tonight due to not having much of a voice.

So I hope to be resting in the next little while...

* * *

If you been to the House of Style in the past little while, you'll have noticed that we've had a LOT of foliage in our yard.

There's a lot of weeds, but also a lot of beautiful stuff, even if they ARE weeds.

Our landlord has asked that we get the yard trimmed, but our resident yardkeeper's been incommunicado for a while, and with my "September of Busy-ness," I haven't been able to do anything about it either.

Our landlord sent out someone to do it for us (for a fee, of course), but when I came home from work tonight, there was NOTHING left. No beauty. All there is is a bit of grass.

Which makes it good for our landlord, but not as fun for me.

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