Hugs and potential one night stands.

So I was getting some food today at work, hitting the KGM food court.

After getting my Arby's, I'm heading back to the store. Three steps away, a fifteen-year-old guy comes up, says, "I've got to give you a hug," and embraces me.

With a very confused expression on my face, and a little scared, I hug him back with the arm that isn't holding the food.

Everything was (mostly) explained when he said, "I just had to do that when I realized that you're in Apocalypse Kow."

So, that's somewhat cool. I now declare this year "Hug a Kow Member" Year. However, I'm now only accepting hugs from cute women ages 18-30.

Canton will now be accepting the hugs from the teenaged male demographic.

* * *

So, I'm wondering if I might have passed up something in Banff.

On Saturday, after the day of singing, some of us were going to hit the bar across the way from the conference centre hotel. I arrived too early, found no one there, and left the pub on the way back to find friends at the hotel.

Outside, there was a cute girl smoking on the steps.

She said "Hi" to me in an interested tone.

I smiled at her, said "Hi" back, and kept walking. And kept walking further from an interested cute girl.

Granted, I rarely (never) make it a habit to hook up with people I just meet at a bar. (This might be a reason I'm still single.) It's just never appealed to me.

But, yeah, I was kicking myself as soon as I walked out of sight.

* * *

Just so you know, I have upgraded my blog to filter out the spam comments. So there's the tiring "type in a word so Jago knows you're not a robot" part of commenting now. Still, it's less of a hassle for ME this way.


Diego said...

So the girl that said "Hi" to you wanted to jump your bones, eh?

Or, uh, no.

Jago said...

I'm saying it's a possibility.

Gray's Matter said...

Whoa! Are you saying that it is possible that anyone who says "Hello" to you is asking for a one-night stand???

Man, now I am *really* glad Helen and I didn't greet you after your concert. You sick bastard!!!

Gray's Matter said...

Sorry, there should have been a ;) after that. =)

But you're still a SICK BASTARD!

Jago said...

Okay, once and for all:

It wasn't the fact that she said "Hi" to me. Homeless people say "Hi" to me, and I'm sure they're not wanting to jump my bones. (In fact, based on personal experience, drunken native women/potentially homeless are usually very forthright in suggesting sexual encounters. I believe the exact phrasing was "Wanna fuck?"

(To which, I, at the bus stop, replied, "Um, no. No thanks.")

It was the WAY that this girl said it. More of a "Well, hello there" sort of inflection.

Seriously, I'm not delusional about this...

Gray's Matter said...

I don't think you're delusional, but I *do* think you've obviously watched *WAY* too much pornography!!


Diego said...


Jago said...

Remind me again:

WHY exactly didn't I just kill my journal?

Gray's Matter said...

Because this stuff is what we in the biz call

Are you kidding me? There is a reason why people have been inspired to simply hijack the one comment post on your previous blog (although I can't speak to some of the imagery people are using for sigs...that's just nasty).

You have a *RESPONSBILITY* to entertain!! =)


Anonymous said...

Seriously, you need a date. Even one of the one-night stand variety. Bars are THE PERFECT place to do this (this is the voice of experience).

That said, places where liquor is served are also equally acceptable places to find suitably datable (sp?) - and perhaps marriable - specimens. Just ask Mr. M.

-Mrs. M

The First Joël said...

You want girls to notice you? Follow this simple recipe for success:

1. Dress up in a Star Trek uniform, preferably one that's meant for the opposite sex (cue loose up top, tight in the crotch)
2. Parade yourself along Whyte Ave in the middle of summer. Wave to the patio bar patrons while they ridicule you
3. Wax your chest, preferably against your own will

The girls will come calling in no time with their propositions of wanton fornicavery. Granted, said women may be +40 years old, have a few teeth missing, and reek of EtOH, but a lifetime of promiscuous experience is available at your experimental discression. But watch out for the Fuzz who routinely patrol Whyte these days.