So this morning, I printed out the only two posts that have mentioned CapGirl, and took them to work.

The conversation I had with EFB when he came in:

Me: So, the next time you talk with CapGirl, you can tell her that I shut down my journal. If she looks on the website that's in the store's internet history, all she'll find is a farewell note.

EFB: So you shut it down?

Me: As far as she's concerned? Yes.

EFB: Okay. I'll also tell her you apologize.

Me: No.

EFB: What? Yes. I'll tell her you apologize for what you said about her.

Me: I swear, EFB, there's NOTHING I need to apologize for. If you tell her I apologized, I won't be very happy.

EFB: No, Kyle, it's the best way.

Me: Here's the only times I mention her at all in my journal. (I hand him printouts of the pages in question. He reads them.)

EFB: That's it? That's what she got worked up about?

Me: Yup. Absolutely no fucking apology. I'm serious.

EFB: Okay, then.

* * *

Today was my first Oran practice. I really appreciated having something to take my mind off work, especially after the day I had. (When you feel that an eight-hour shift is about thirteen hours too long? That was my day. I was wandering the mall during my break looking for a store that sold bullets. And guns. To shoot myself with. Or others. I wasn't feeling choosy at this point.)

The group seems like a fun bunch. And we're learning some interesting music. And Scott and Katy seem like competent, respectful conductors.

Met a few new friends today. And reunited with a few old ones I haven't seen in forever. It's pretty funny when I can think of about six different ways I know some of my co-members. (Mixed Chorus, Moose Jaw, working with the accompanist's cousin, Kow, other performances, the a cappella community, etc.)

So I'm looking forward to this year of being back in singing. If it can get my mind off work for a few hours a week? It's a godsend.

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Marky said...

"Me:If you tell her I apologized, I won't be very angry."