Odd Transformations 22: Violence in the Back Streets of Edmonton

My friends and I went to a restaurant where we weren't getting served. After a bit of this, Dev gets fed up and storms out. I follow him.

Dev and I get on a bus, because I had parked elsewhere that wasn't home, but at a different place where the group had met prior to going out. I'm not sure if my plan was to get my car, or to pick it up the next day on my way to work. It was only about two blocks away from the apartment I had in my dream.

I get off the bus and start walking towards my place. Across the street are Rob and Reag. I call out to them, and I invite them to my place. Reag and I start walking in the back alleys towards home. Rob said he'd drive there, so they could get home afterwards.

About half a block away from my place in the back alley, Reag and I are walking and talking when she trips over a piece of rope. (At this point, apparently, my brain switches Reag for Canoegirl, I guess.) I look over and there's some drunken derelict in the shadows, holding the peice of rope and had pulled it out at the last minute to trip Canoegirl.

"Sorry about that," says the bum. "I just thought it would be nice to trip a fatty."

"I begs your pardon?" Canoegirl asks. I try to steer her away back to my place, because the last thing I feel like doing is arguing with a drunk bum about calling Canoegirl fat.

At that point, another guy comes out of the shadows, and Canoegirl and I start fighting and arguing with the two rednecks. The fight continues as we go into the back lot behind my place, and into a garden. Just as the two rednecks are about to leave from being beaten, I feel something heavy that connects with the back of my head.

I turn around, and there's a guy in the garden, holding a plank of plywood formerly used to walk through the garden.

"You're not part of my design. Get out of my garden."

Just as I'm weighing my options, to beat on Nighttime Gardener with a plywood plank, or just to get Canoegirl inside my place, I wake up.

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