An open letter to my boss

This is what I just wrote to my boss, who, because I was late today, sent me home from work:


I've had a lot of time to think about what happened on the bus going back today.

First of all, I'm sorry. I should have checked the time sheet, and I should have checked the schedule. At the very least, I should have called.

Secondly, I'd like to tell you a story.

Before I worked for RadioShack, I was working at a newspaper in Redwater. It was probably one of my lower career points, and it was certainly one of my lowest mental states.

The reason for this was I had absolutely no contact with my editor. I'd go out, write up my stories, make them ready for print, and then leave. There was NO communication between us.

Now, you'd think, "That's strange. You'd think at a paper there should be some form of communication going on." It was pretty ironic, but also very depressing.

One day at the paper, I came in for find that all my stories that I worked on the days before had huge flags on them. Something was wrong with these stories, and my editor had only decided to call me on them the day they were going to press.

I'd flip through the articles, with this overwhelming sense of horror. I couldn't fix these stories, since it was a Saturday, and none of the sources I was talking to would be in the office at all.

When I tried to talk to my manager about this, he yelled at me, saying he had nothing for articles, and what the hell was he going to do? All because of his "fucking reporter."

I quit three days later.

Now, Deryk, I'm not saying I'm quitting this job. Quite the opposite. I'm going to make sure I'm there on time tomorrow, bus schedules be damned.

My point is this: I'm not getting any communication from you. And I'm getting very depressed because every time I screw up, you're there being disappointed with me.

And sometimes, I have no clue why.

Now, ERO is a great tool for keeping track of stuff, but honestly, I won't get anything out of it if you don't talk to me. If you just decide to send me messages that might not get checked pronto, I will miss things.

Looking over my messages, I see no mention of a meeting scheduled for 9 am. Yes, the work schedule said to be there at that time, and it was my fauly for not picking up on it.

However, I'm thinking of the past month's Saturday shifts I worked.

Three weeks ago, I showed up at 9 am. And nobody was there. You didn't show up until 9:30.

Two weeks ago, I showed up at 9:30, because you said there wouldn't be a meeting. I got there and nobody was in the store. You showed up ten minutes later with your coffee.

Last week, I had the day off. No problems.

If you had just said when I was leaving yesterday, "Hey, Kyle! Don't forget! Big meeting at 9 tomorrow," I would have said, "Cool. See you then!"

Deryk, I'm just asking, I'm PLEADING: Please, just talk to me. Tell me of important things.

If you're there tomorrow morning, I'll see you at 10 am. If not, have a good day off.


* * *

What the hell has happened to the Corrs?

When did they say, "Let's give up all originality, and just become a Fleetwood Mac tribute band?"

I seem to have missed the memo.

For the record, covering one song by a band is fine. Covering two songs by the same band, okay, you'd best better stop there...

How many Fleetwood songs have they done, now? Four, seventeen?

Please, I'm begging you, Corrs, just sing your own songs! They're good enough!

* * *

Congratulations to Astro on a kickass concert last night. It's been a while since I've heard vocal jazz, and that was certainly a good concert to see. Barber, Dev, and a few other friends went to see it.

I know I enjoyed myself enough, even though my choir's version of Birdland is the one I'll always remember, so therefore, it was better.

And, man, those choirs are pretty tight!

* * *

There, Frenchman! You happy now?

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