Odd Transformations 12: Dream Dev Is An Idiot

So for some reason, I was at my parents' house. I guess I lived there with Dev and Axler, since we were all there.

I was in the kitchen, and I hear Dev come in shouting something.

I go into the living room, and Dev is telling me about his new job as a courier.

"They give me a snack allowance! I spent $100 on this!"

He reveals a tub of McDonalds Chocolate Chip Cookies, of which he has eaten quite a lot.

Apparently, he had been eating these cookies for a while, because his goatee seemed a lot fuller by the amount of chocolate he's inadvertantly smeared on it.

I die laughing, and take him to a bathroom mirror.

And that's when I woke up.

Sorry, no time for a big post now. I'm needing to get ready for work.

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