A reprieve!

So for the last while, I've been feeling nervous and apprehensive about the new manager, Stock, that's coming up from Calgary.

He used to manage Northgate when I started at Kingsway so long ago, and he was a jerk. Well, an asshole, really.

I didn't interact with him that much, but I worked with a friend of his that I had nothing but contempt for. My rationale was "If I don't like his friends, and I know of a lot of crap he did back when he was in our district, how will I be able to work as his assistant manager?"

I called up Mitch, my district manager a few weeks ago, and asked if I could be transferred to, say, Southgate, or somewhere else.

I was denied.

Yesterday, I found out that Stock's not coming to my store after all. Instead, Mitch has organized a huge manager shift in the district. It's pretty crazy, but here it is...

My manager, Tom, is still going down to Calgary. He's got himself Eaton Centre, a downtown store that almost makes a million dollars in sales per year. So, he's happy.

Stock's taking over St. Albert. It's a big enough store, and it has a lot of clientele from the North.

Gary, the manager of St. Albert, is taking over Mill Woods. Not as much in terms of sales, but the gross profit is a lot better, so it's essentially a raise for him.

Neil, the manager of Mill Woods, is going to the store in South Edmonton Common. This seems like a drop, because South Ed is buried in the middle of an industrial park. However, Neil will be buying half the store himself, in a joint venture deal. So he's happy.

Derek, the manager of South Ed, is going into West Edmonton Mall, a bigger store for him, but it's essentially a warehouse for the big West Ed store.

Which brings me to my store. Ted, the manager of the smaller West Ed store, is coming here.

I have nothing bad to say about Ted. He's smart, he knows almost everything about RS, and he's a nice guy. In fact, I think I'll enjoy Ted as a manager more than I do Tom.

So, Jeff and I are happy, since we don't have to rush for somewhere else, just because an asshole's taking over our store.

This makes my mental health over tour a lot better. I don't have to worry about what's going to happen come the first Monday in May.

* * *

Of, my hockey pool's SO screwed. I've lost half my players in the first round. This might make for me eternally getting last place, since that's where I'm at right now. Unless my remaining players do a very good job of scoring points, I'm doomed.

Reading: Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Bone by Jeff Smith.

Listening to: Some Bjork, and Blue Monday by a band called Flunk (from the Walking Tall soundtrack)

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