Funniest e-mail EVER!

Today when I opened my mailbox, I found this letter that Telus had flagged as junk mail. Fair enough, I guess.

I just wanted to see what it was, and so I opened it.

Here is the email verbatim:

OS-Adobe-Mcaoremdia etc All udner $15-$99 sshs.. get low cost sotfawre cds or donwolad! asoxi

Weclome to our olnine OEM SOTRE

Over 1200 tiltes in our sotfawre shop

All prcies 10-30 bucks only

All ttiles is Dwolnaoble

Top psotioins

Mircsooft Office 2003 Ssytem Porefssoinal (5 cds)

Aodbe Craeitve Suite (5 cds)

Aodbe PhtoSohop CS 8.0 (1 cd)

3D Sutdio Max 6.0 (3 cds)

Aodbe Prmeeire Pro 7.0 (1 cd)

Visit us right now

Of course, being the masochist I am, I thought if the email promoting their site is this laughably bad, what does the website look like?

Alas, the link doesn't lead anywhere.

Here's my question:

Was this email made by just someone who has no grasp over the english language or spelling? Was it made by a online bot who purposefully switched letters around at random? Why is the link "Visit us right now" properly spelled?

Or was the whole purpose to get people like me looking for more mockworthy material on their website?

I guess we'll never know...

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