I realized I forgot to tell the work story I promised to.

I told you about Stock, the new manager coming to my store. He doesn't get along with a lot of people in my district.

So on Sunday, when Jeff and Tony were working, Stock comes in to the store, and starts looking around.

He goes up to the counter and asks, "Where's the satellite feed?"

(This is all second hand from Jeff, so it's sketchy in my retelling here.)

After Jeff said he didn't know, Stock lays his hand down on the desk, and tells Jeff to look at his big, shiny RadioShack ring that he won a few years back.

Jeff wasn't impressed. Hell, I wouldn't be either if someone was trying to bully me into doing something because they were rewarded by the company with a ring.

If this is the kind of crap the employees will have to put up with when Stock takes over, I'll be trying my damnedest to transfer out.

* * *

D! and I were watching wrestling on Monday, when during a commercial break, some WWE wrestlers start hawking this new health food product.

When they started talking about how this product takes advantage of the latest "nanotechnology," D! and I did double takes. Nanotech?

They're using microsized robots in a health food product? What the hell?

Are you downing silicon every time you make a protien shake? Will this thing make you a cyborg?

Rest assured, I will follow this up...

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