On humour...

When talking to MFJ this morning about her seeing Henry Rollins with Dev:

MFJ: I laughed a lot.

MFJ: Especially at the William Shatner parts.

MFJ: But not the masturbating parts.

At while point, I had a devilish grin, and my fingers started flying on the keyboard. Oh, ho ho! Was I going to have a rejoinder for that...

MFJ: (NOT about William Shatner)

Me, at my desk: "Damn." And hit the delete button.

I commented on how easily she was able to see what I was going to say, and maybe it was time to switch up my style of humour.

I was thinking about it, and, yes, I do have a pretty unique sense of humour. I mean, granted, I tend to share it with a few people, but for some reason, I will find things funny that no one else really does.

For example, a few years back (about 1998), back when I was living in Moose Jaw, my friends and I were watching Top Gun.

My friend Tara-Lynn was pointing out all the younger actors who went on to bigger and better. ("Look! It's Anthony Edwards! He's on ER now!")

After a few of these, I, of course, had to get a shot in. So I'm thinking, "Okay, other '80s actors..."

I point to a section of the screen. "LOOK! It's ALF!"

At which Tara-Lynn asks "Where?"

(Okay, this was funny enough as it was, Tara-Lynn taking my word as gospel and actually believing ALF had a cameo on Top Gun. But then my friend Kaz pipes in...)

"He's over behind that plane. He's saying 'Yo!'"

At which point, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard...

And, of course, my night of infamy during the Carnival of Shrieking Youth a few years ago with Kow, where D! ambushed me as Spider-Man.

It wasn't just the fact that it was just D! with a Spider-Man mask on, but still wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

It wasn't just that Spider-Man had somehow lost his swimmer's build.

It wasn't just that D! was giving me an unending barrage of web fluid.

It was that when all was said and done, when I was on the floor crying, D! looms over me and yells "Spider-Man looks out for one man, and one man only. And that's Spider-Man!"

Well, I lost it. The sheer absurdity of a dick Spider-Man made me non-functioning for about five minutes.

When D! came back onstage and started asking what he missed, I dragged myself off stage and was clutching onto a couch in the wings for my dear life, trying to make my ribs stop hurting.

So, yes. There's nothing that makes me laugh harder than absurdist humour. Canton, D!, Dev...we usually go on tangents that can go on for hours, referencing everything and anything.

My best trick is to usually juxtapose two things that have no business being linked. There's something intrinsically funny about surrealism for me, where talking about something that shouldn't be happening really makes me laugh.

While watching Smackdown a few hours ago, D! and I came upon the following scene: (Okay, just bear with me here. Without the benefit of knowing storylines, it comes off as odd.)

Booker T was traded to Smackdown from Raw, and wasn't happy about it. He was calling Smackdown the 'minor league' as far as he was concerned.

So he was off to face Eddie Guerrero, the Smackdown champion, to win the 'minor league' belt.

Backstage, he was confronted by Hardcore Holly, one of the toughest (and therefore, most thoughtless) wrestlers on earth, and not one of my favourites.

Holly: Just so you know, Booker, there's a lot of people here who will be lining up to face you after your title match tonight.

Me (talking to the screen): Yeah. See, Booker? We've got a list.

D!: Uh, Hardcore, you DO know there's two Ls in Holly, right?

Me: And only one O.

At which point, D! and I, both thinking about an illiterate wrestler who refers to himself as Hardcore Hoolie, die laughing.

Which brings us further off on a tangent.

D!: You know, they should have a storyline where Hardcore can't read, and approaches Paul London, saying "Hey! London! Tell you what: You teach me how to read, and I'll teach you how to wrestle."

Me: "But I already KNOW how to wrestle..."

D!: "That's great. We'll start now..."

We were giggling our asses off for the remainder of the evening...

So, yeah. A short synopsis (believe me, I could have elaborated for a looong time...) of what I find funny.

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