Kingston's Wedding

So, the wedding went well, other than me not really knowing anyone. Good thing I didn't bring anyone, other than Kingston's immediate family and a cousin that I taught computing to during my teaching stint.

Yup, I cleaned up pretty well, looking all nice in a fitted tux. Pics will be available later, as I didn't get any with my Canon. I'll just have to wait for Kingston to post some.

The wedding had only a few small mishaps, mostly involving waiting for the bridal party due to then needing to sew the maid of honour into her dress. (Well, sew her bra to the dress just so it wouldn't show...)

Jay and I, the two groomsmen (Chris as the best man) were pulling double duty as ushers before the service.

Kingston was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but he got used to it pretty quickly. After saying "I do," I guess.

For pictures, we went to Royal Roads University, one of the most beautiful castle/schools I've seen.

Although, all the time I was looking at the castle, I kept on thinking I wanted to stage my own assault on Xavier's Mansion (Royal Roads was used as the exterior for X2, as well as Smallville...)

The Japanese and Italian Gardens were beautiful places for pictures, with peacocks just walking around with not a care in the world...

The recieving line, which I've never participated in before, was fun. Especially since I knew few people.

One conversation:

GUEST: You're Chris, right?

ME: No, I'm Kyle.

GUEST: Oh. I guess it's because you two look alike.

ME: Oh. (silence)

I told Chris about this and he laughed, since he was right beside me in the line. In a Navy uniform. And with short hair. And without glasses.

But, whatever...

I had a fun time at the reception, almost taking out a roast by myself. Would I like the salmon? Is it beef? No? Then screw that noise!

('Screw that noise' has become my favourite expression here, since I don't know who to watch my language around. So, best to be the PG Jago...)

Kingston and I were able to perform the Kingston dance. That's right. I've got pictures of me with the originata...

And then, since Kingston read my post about not being physically able to NOT dance to "Hey Ya" by Outkast, he requested that song for me.

Well, the gift opening is getting ready to start, so I'm-a going to go upstairs now. I'll be making a post tomorrow, after my flight back over the mountains.

This has been one weekend of kick-ass, though. I'm really glad I came...

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