My obsession with Sarah...

This past week, I was travelling with the choir to Fort McMurray for a winter mini-tour, to get prepared for the bigger tour happening in April.

One the bus ride home, someone put in There's Something About Mary, a comedy I like enough. After watching it the frist time, the laughs don't come as easily, I guess.

Adise from a smoking Cameron Diaz, I realize that there was a bit part played by Sarah Silverman.

Now I am a huge fan of Sarah Silverman. Hell, you could say I long for her. She fits the Jago archetype: shorter than me, raven black hair, and a sense of humour that complements mine well. (She's sarcastic. So am I. NOTHING could go wrong in our conversations. NOTHING!)

I realize that this is probably the first movie I saw her in. I might have remembered her from some 1993-era Saturday Night Live shows, but I was fading out of the show by that point.

I dunno. There's just something about Sarah in Mary. I think I was really struck during the end credits, where you have the cast goofing off to "Fill Me Up, Buttercup". There's a segment where you have Sarah seriously looking into the camera, seeming so sincere about what she was singing, while kind of deadpan too.

I was struck. Completely.

Flash forward a few years. I get into Mr. Show, probably my favourite comedy show ever at this point.

Hey, guess who's a recurring actor? My beloved Sarah.

The Fox sitcom Greg the Bunny? Sarah's there too.

When I went to see School of Rock with Dev and Marauder, Sarah was on screen, playing the part of Jack Black's roommate's girlfriend.

Marauder turns to Dev.

"So this girl here, that's who Jago's completely in love with?"

Dev: "Yup."

Marauder: "So, does she always play bitchy characters?"

Dev: (thinks a bit) "Pretty much."

So, yes. I'm in love with this girl. Really, can you blame me?

DAMN YOU, JIMMY KIMMELL!!! Get your hands off of the woman I'm totally smitten (smote? schmuck?) over.

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