Pleasant surprises...

I found out yesterday that I WILL be getting a day off before Christmas.

Jeff told me I'd be getting Monday off. I thought that was cool, as I could actually get some shopping done and just rest.

Then, ten minutes later, he called me, saying he switched the day off I'd be getting.

"You're off Christmas Eve," he said.

"Christmas Eve?" I asked, tentatively. I haven't had a Christmas Eve off yet since working at RadioShack.


"You sure?"


"You're insane, Jeff. I'm taking the day off, mind you, but you're insane."

Whee! Two days off in a row! Whooo!

* * *

Whenever I pop up at the main store, Jeff asks me who's over there. Since we have only three people at the toy store, Jeff wants to make sure that there's enough to handle the (frankly, meager) load.

When I went in today to drop off some product, I told Jeff, "Just so you know, I let both Amanda and Steve off for lunch. Oh, don't worry. I left the Robot Coin Bank in charge."

At which point, Jeff swung for me.

Damn Robot Coin Bank. Getting more sales than me...

* * *

Thursday's concert was pretty decent, all things considering. Granted, the fundraiser part was crap, since we had a net profit of twenty dollars. Just not too many people there tonight.

BUT! We realized the Stanley Milner theatre is a pretty good place to sing, especially with the kickass tech we had doing the sound.

And we have shirts now! It took us five years, but we finally have merchandise!

And we had some new faces there, as well as old faces who hadn't heard us sing in either a long while, or, in Stephen's case, never.

And we got a few bags of food for the Food Bank. And we had fun.

In all, good time had by me, at least.

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