I found out today that I'm going back to Bonnie Doon on January 2. As an assistant manager.

I'll have three months to fill out my paperwork from that date. If I do the test and the essay and everything, I'll be getting a $1000 raise.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this yet.

I mean, the money's a lot better than just a lowly sales peon. I'll be getting around $200 more a paycheck, which will certainly help me out.

And I've pretty much been an AM for the past few years now in everything but title and pay.

But maybe it's the whole "This was supposed to be a temporary job until I found something in the journalism field" angle.

This is my fourth Christmas at this job. And I'm not very fond of it. It's getting tiring.

So, yeah. Good news: I have a promotion. Bad news: I have a promotion.

* * *

Went to see Return of the King tonight. Enjoyed myself, except for what unfortunately happened to Marauder.

Canton was able to get tickets due to his Bioware connections. And so a whole bunch of us bought tickets from him.

I guess he bit off a bit more than he could chew, though, since he was arranging for about twenty tickets.

Marauder's dad drove us from Kingsway for South Ed Common for the movie. I took my ticket from Canton yesterday. Marauder was going to pay him at the theatre.

I found Canton and said, "Okay. Marauder's waiting for his ticket in the lobby."

Canton: "Marauder's ticket..."

Me: "You DID remember that he was coming, yes?"

So Canton was trying everything to get a ticket for Marauder. He was going around to coworkers who might have tickets. He talked to the CEO of the company to try to get a ticket.

Unfortunately, no dice. So Marauder left in an understandable bout of anger.

Canton was beating himself up over it. It dimmed his (and my) enjoyment of the movie a bit.

I was wondering if I should have dumped the ticket I had and joined him for a different viewing or movie.

But there's no point in dragging myself down with "should've"s. What's done is done, and there was some miscommunication and

So, while there'll be a bit of hurt from Marauder, I'm sure that he'll cool down and forgive.


I'm currently so involved in work and buying gifts and general business, that there's not a lot of time for me to sleep.

AND I'm tending to relieve the stress of the holidays by my normal way: Sarcasm and humour.

So, if I piss you off or hurt you, try to remember it's the lack of sleep that's making me thoughtless.

Sorry for rummaging through the box of stuff, Dev.

And apologies in advance for the snake in your underwear drawer, Canton.

And SCREW YOU, AXLER! Anything I do to you is intentional!

Eurgh. Tired. Must go to bed so I can be all relaxed and ready for tomorrow's concert.

Currently listening to: U2's The Joshua Tree, one of my personal best albums ever made.

Currently reading: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens - a pretty fun read about the story of the Antichrist raised in the wrong home, so he's just a normal boy.

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