Got back this afternoon from Jasper.

It was a fun time, although Friday was conspiring to kill me.

I was in charge of getting the computer terminal for the toy store all ready, which was taking a bit of time. My parents had left Moose Jaw at 6:30 (5:30 my time), so they'd be arriving at about 2 or so, a bit earlier than I had planned.

After MFJ got ready, it was about 4:30 pm. After eating some dinner, we set out for Jasper and got there at about 10 pm.

Some interesting roads on the way there, with the nice new snowfall Alberta got.

The hotel we were staying at was pretty nice, with a kitchenette, one bedroom, a loft with three singles, and a hideabed in the living room.

We watched some television, and MFJ and I stayed up and watched some late night shows.

The next day, we had plenty of free time, since the wedding was starting at 5 pm.

MFJ and I went exploring the shops, and buying a few things. I needed a swimsuit, we found a comic store, so I HAD to go in a check it out. Treats at Nutter's Bulk Foods. Fudge for MFJ's family.

Had a nice time at the hotel pool. The steamroom had some menthol added to the steam, which really refreshed me (I tend to go nuts for menthol and minty things. See the Kleenex rants a few pages back). And it was shocking to NOT be the hairiest guy at the pool. Man, that guy had back hair to overshadow mine, and I have 103% hair! ("Even my hair has hair!")

The wedding itself was very nice. My Uncle Dan was approached by Colin and Joanne to marry them, so he obtained a temporary license from the province.

Mom's camera was on the fritz, so I lent them mine. And I brought my digital camera as well, just so I could get shots. Dad was taking pictures, when all of a sudden, a HELP warning came on the LCD.

This was the FIRST time in five years my camera's done this to me.

So I pull out the digital camera. And realize I had forgotten my memory card in my USB reader back here. And it was a four hour drive.

So my sister EJ lent Dad her camera. Which promptly died.

Luckily, Dan had borrowed some digital cameras and a digital videocam from his work, and since Alberta Justice buys Canon supplies (at least in this case), I was able to steal a 128 MB CompactFlash card to use in my Canon.

The meal was AMAZING! There was a pretty good squash and Granny Smith soup to start off with. Then came a mozzarella and tomato salad that had the freshest mozza I've ever tasted.

The PRIME RIB with YORKSHIRE PUDDING and DOUBLE STUFFED BACON POTATO was my favourite part, of course. Guh. I was wanting more Prime Rib, and my aunt Kim was saving herself for dessert, so I got to have another half of beef. Yum!

MFJ's favourite part was the dessert. It was a chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis. MFJ was cutting off the circulation to my left leg by squeezing my thigh when she tasted the mango-peach dipping sauce that was included.

There was no official program, and so the dance actually occurred during the meal, while they were gettign the courses ready. And then a small thank you speech from Colin and Joanne afterwards.

I forgot how funny Colin could be until he started dancing these crazy steps that made everyone laugh. I got about 4 minutes of video through my Canon of some just silliness.

Then this morning, we were up pretty early so my parents could make the 12 hour drive back to Saskatchewan and still be able to function at work tomorrow.

* * *

Recently, the girl downstairs has had her boyfriend move in. So he takes my parking space without asking for it. Otto, my landlord, has talked to me about it, and I told him I didn't make any arrangements for this guy to park there.

Today, when my parents pulled into my space, he came up in his van and said, "Hey, you can't park there."

"Yes I can," I replied. "I live here."

"Do you live in that apartment?" he asked, pointing to the window below mine.

"No," I replied. "I live in the one above. Number 23. Which is the parking stall number."

"Well, Robin told me she owned both spaces."

"No. I own one of them. So it's okay for my parents to park in MY space."

We then headed into my apartment. Looks like I'm going to have to have a talk with Robin about this.

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