A dump of post.

My computer's been acting up. Instead of going into a sleep mode, it decides to go into a coma mode. After half an hour on non-action, it shuts off.

Oh, the power button is still lit up. And I've got the "sleep" light on my keyboard. But it doesn't respond when I push the wake button. until I unplug it and plug it back in.

Sigh. Looks like I might be without a comp for a bit.

* * *

Wow. Looking back on my last post, I was amazed I was able to write 2,000 words on my frustrations from one day.

Scary thing is, that's three times the size on my aborted NaNo novel.

* * *

Had a fun time at Elimination's birthday party on Friday.

D! and I went to WEM, and did a bit of shopping and visited Julio's Barrio for some nummy Mexican food. Ah, Julio's Nachos. Drool.

Then, with a whole bunch of friends, we went to see a movie.

Silver City's selection sucked ass, so we went to see what was in the second run theatre. Lost in Translation, School of Rock, The Rundown, that movie wtih Kate Beckinsale in leather as a vampire who's title I can't remember...All movies I'd have no problem with. And $5 ticket prices!

Just for kicks, we decided to try the THIRD run theatre, and found Pirates of the Caribbean playing. So we went to see that. But we had two hours before the curtain went up.

I found the kickin'est-ass dessert place which sold crepes. Seriously, if you're in the food court beside Galaxyland, go check it out. Some dessert crepes to die for.

(Kate's movie is called Underworld, methinks.)

After the movie, D! and I were getting a ride from Screech, who had parked at Misericordia Hospital.

But first, we had to get a ride to Screech's car by Edmonton Playwright.

For some reason, Screech couldn't get her car started (no power steering). So Ed Playright went in.

"This is not my Mustang," he said.

I chirp in, "This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!"

D! and I start singing some Talking Heads until Playwright yells at us to shut up.

"Sorry, man. D! and I express stress differently. At least at this point of night."

As it was, Playwright had to drive us home due to Screech's car not starting.

* * *

On Saturday, I was able to spend some fun time with MFJ. We worked on some Kow PR, watched the Hockey Classic on my crappy reception TV, watched some Red Dwarf, played some Animal Crossing and went shopping. And napped.

And then we had a games night at her place. Nova, Dev, MFJ, me and Lady Def.

Fun times. We had a fun game of Battle of the Bands, where Lady Def's mom turned out to be a party animal drunkard.

The Whole Brain Game. Highlights include:

"Okay, Dev. Your topic is 'Why would Dieter (Deeter) impress?'"

"What? Let me see that card. DIE-ET-ER! Not DEETER!"

And a fun game of Pygmy Cannibals that lasted way after the ladies went to sleep.

* * *

Yesterday, I was coerced into going to the company's Christmas party. The only reasons I went were because I had people I actually wanted to hang out with this time, I won yet another sales award, and because Mitch was in charge of it. Otherwise, I would have gone to Kow rehearsal, and Ravenloft.

It was a decent time. Some good food (and quite a bit of it), some great jokes (including being amazed at Real's wife), and a pickup game of Battle of the Bands.

An excerpt of the banter:

ME: You know, I should just go around and pretend to be Jeff for a bit.

TABLE: What?

ME: As in, "Hi, I'm Jeff Ferris. Is this your wife? Hubba!"

JEFF: You ARE aware that almost everyone here knows who I am?

ME: That just makes it funnier. I can just imagine all the people who'd end up saying, "Man! That Jeff Ferris is SUCH a jackass!" OOH! Even better! "Hi, I'm Mitch Vik! Now, I know, I might be at the front of the hall, being the MC, but I AM Mitch." Or, "Hi, I'm Regional Manager Pete Scully! Groin! Grope!"

Laughter ensues.

Afterwards, I walked to the bus terminal at Northgate (thank God the weather was a lot milder), got on the 9, and and then promptly fell asleep on the bus.

I awoke to a residential view. "What the hell? Where am I? WHAT? Southgate Mall!?!?"

Yup. Missed my bus stop by 30 blocks. Whee! Got home at 12:30 am. And I got to open today! Joy!

* * *

Well, that about wraps up this update. Hopefully, I'll do better than a weekly post for the future. Just pray that my computer actually decides to stay on...

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