All I want for Christmas is a load of stuff...

I'm in the second of two days off from work. Just the time to laze around and just be non-productive. I felt the burn to write something, so...

My parents asked me to email them my Christmas wish list. In the past few years, there's usually been one thing I'd really crave (Last year: Mario Sunshine. Year before that: A game system.) and then I'd be pretty noncommittal about the rest of the stuff.

But since I'm hard to buy for, according to my relatives, I actually found a few things I would like for Christmas. So, if you're buying anything for me come December, these are things I'm currently wanting:

Mr Show: The Complete First and Second Seasons
Space Ghost: Volume 1
Any Coen Brothers film that isn't Big Lebowski or Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou
Fiddler on the Roof
The Ric Flair Collection
X-Men 2
Jesus Christ Superstar
The Tenacious D DVD
Run Ronnie Run

Exiles: Volume 4 on
New X Men: Assault on Weapon X
Runaways (all available at a comic shop)
Mr Show: What Happened?

Steve Burns - Songs for Dustmites
The new Red Hot Chili Peppers
Any old Outkast discs. I only have the Greatest Hits and the new two-disc set
Strongbad Sings!

Bacon (On a side note, any clue why they'd be selling Chateaubriand beef for half off?)

A strainer/colander (So I can actually cook pasta or KD without losing half of it in the sink)

New twin bed sheets

There! Now Jago isn't so hard to buy for.

* * *

Found a funny weblog yesterday. Damn, I was laughing.

* * *

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Caboodle. I hope we find out what's wrong soon.

* * *

Kow's decided to hold off recording the CD until after Christmas. Too much busy-ness for the six of us (Kow, and our sound engineer Grank) to get together that often.

Reading: Geek Love, by Katherine Dunn. A strange book about a family of circus freaks. Finished Stephen Fry's The Stars' Tennis Balls, a great modernization on The Count of Monte Christo

Listening to: Andre and Big Boi Present: Outkast. Nope, still not off them yet. But I've thrown Streetnix's Ignition into the mix as well.

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