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jago is the new rebels' talent

jago is from now on available at www

jago is a java framework for geospatial solutions

jago is regarded as someone to be respected by the community because of his gifts or talents

jago is sick 09

jago is tall and has a lithe build with

jago is busy these days renewing soccer contacts for the dallas cup's betterment – while simultaneously refreshing his own professional enthusiasm

jago is back from his holidays

jago is very intense with a lot to learn and the students need constant practise

jago is

jago is a master manipulator

jago is a completely autonomous underwater vehicle which

jago is a relatively small craft

jago is immers de eigenlijke hoofdrolspeler

jago is equipped with fluxgate compass

jago is also currently the chair of the university presidents' council

jago is remembered for his poem edge

jago is a client for playing go on internet servers such as igs and nngs

jago is wel getrouwd

jago is the best equipped for this task

jago is a client software for telnet go servers

jago is a java framework for geospatially

jago is quick to point out the band "still does a lot of pretty

jago is about to lose

jago is a london slum where crime and violence are the only way of life

jago is overcome with fear

jago is a former documentary producer for channel 4 and the bbc

jago is too sweet on naomi not to come back

jago is still a living man?"

jago is de mooiste club uit rotterdam

jago is 19

jago is a java applet that plays the game of go

jago is killed? bren is blinded? where will that take us?

jago is covered in a few sentences

jago is not

jago is now on its way to explore the volcanic vents in lake taupo

jago is submerged surface conditions do not affect its performance or capabilities

jago is able to use this situation as well for his intrigue

jago is betrayed by his one time master

jago is on the roof looking for the offenders

jago is a solicitor specialising in family law

jago is started as an applet

jago is kind to kate and then she finds him signalling to an american privateer

jago is a magnificently two

jago is a man who can bring about heaven on earth

jago is a freeware contributed by rene grothmann

jago is equipped with a precisely working manipulator permitting selective sampling

jago is a

jago is conniving; carteri's desdemona is captivating

jago is appealing to people who have voted for the liberal/national coalition or the alp in the past to vote for him this time around

jago is within walking distance

jago is wedding kencd7? posted

jago is a pineapple grower

jago is wedding kencd7? that's right

jago is a seamless whole

jago is excelent tool for viewing and analyse go games

jago is beatiful and deadly

jago is founded on michael whelan's covers

jago is a young boy separated from his family and home and surviving as a street child in a war torn country

jago is frightened away

jago is suddenly jolted by a psionic backfire

jago is completely right

jago is able to load and save go games in xml format

jago is the phonetic spelling of santiago

jago is niet mijn naam vanaf mijn geboorte

jago is the 28

jago is a qualified mediator

jago is scheduled to arrive in wellington on its mother ship

jago is a programming environment that allows programs written in a subset of java to be run in a virtual environment

jago is able to bring to the committee remains to be seen

jago is a graduate of the prestigious royal ballet school in london

jago is the marketing director at seattle

jago is a client to connect to the internet go server

jago is a 1 year old black and red german male he has great drives and ability and temperment

jago is looking forward to welcoming new prospects to the team

jago is retired from corning inc and mrs

jago is participating in the programme on behalf of the max planck institute in germany and will be manned by a technical team headed by professor hans

jago is installed locally

jago is an christian mc that was born in oktober 1972 in gefle/sweden

jago is an ex

jago is a master of "tang lang" kung fu and an instructor of tai chi

jago is able to unleash people?s fantasies

jago is a member of canterbury christ church university college's centre for international studies in early childhood

Yup. Jago's easiest post, due to cutting and pasting.

Oh, wow. This is my 75th post. Not quite the landmark that girlone's at, but it's not a bad total for a journal that's been online for six months.

And, it's a pretty cool unintentional subject for such a number.

* * *

On another note, I've been participating in some political surveys along with some contributors to a message board I frequent.

It's pretty interesting to see where this survey ranks you.

My statistics are:

Economic Left/Right: -4.62

Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.15

Which puts me at the ideological equivalent of Gandhi, so to speak.

And, scarily enough, I'm the most authoritarian of those surveyed from the Failure boards. Guess I'm the least critical of government, as a whole...

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