This Is A Test

Now, I just bought myself a spiffy new digicam, which should make for Kyle having more fun posting again.

Tonight, Kow went to Barber's house to decorate gingerbread houses for our Kristmas Kabaret. We'll be auctioning off the houses for the Kidney Foundation, and to make things fun, let's make it a bit of a contest on my blog, shall we?

All you have to do is guess which member of Kow made which house, okay?

Here are the houses.


Justice~! said...

Um, the 2nd picture: is that the SD version of *Galvatron* in the corner of the house?!?!

I'm impressed, although it's still messy, so I know it is yours. ;)

3rd one is Joel's or Stan's.

Devin's is either the 1st or the 5th, but most likely the 5th.

Diego said...

And now, Diego and Lisa take a crack at it:

1st house. Complete with glue tubes as decoration, this one screams "Stan" for its off-beat decor and the frightening possibility that he might have actually glued his house together.

2nd house. We don't know what's going on here. A wall is missing, and it looks like two little gingerbread guys are relaxing by their broken house, or possibly fleeing the scene. We're givin' it to Devin, because that's awesome.

3rd house. "Gimme gifts?" That might as well be Jago's handwriting.

4th house. Gil. So very clean and presentable.

5th house. Joel. See above for Gil, but the inclusion of fruity Skittles makes it just that much more tangy.

Justice~! said...

There's no way #2 has them fleeing or relaxing...they're *BOWING*. It's the "ALL HAIL GALVATRON" scene from Transformers: The Movie, complete with Galvatron and a Santa beard.

Jago said...

Just a few points of clarification.

For one thing, the first house don't actually contain glue. It's just there to hold up the candy cane street lamps until the frosting hardens.

The second house isn't Transformers. Those are pirates. And a puh-puh-puh-pirate ghost.

Justice~! said...

I want a larger version with a close-up. I *swear* you are dressed up Galvatron as a pirate ghost!! He's got the ARM CANNON on his left!!

Must be my eyes...

Justice~! said...

Okay, my final guesses:

1) Stan
2) You
3) Jo-el
4) Barber
5) Devin

I still think 1 or 5 could go either way and 3 could possibly be Stan.

The Doc said...

I like people's logic for these things. I'm not commenting on their accuracy, I just like the rationale. Also, Diego, thanks for saying that my house would be awesome.

Justice~! said...

So what were the results?? And what prize do we win??

I would like an extra Wii Nunchaku as my prize...

Jago said...

Well, Diego's apparently COMPLETELY out of touch, since he got 0 of 5. Justice, from his picks, got 2/5.

1. Gil
2. Jago
3. Stan
4. Joel
5. Dev

If I gave away a Will controller, I'd be without one. God, man, if I were able to give one away, don't you think I'd have four by now? Or more than one?

the Worst Ninja Ever said...

The dead giveaway for mine would have been the other side of the "Gimme gifts" roof, which reads "Ninja lives here."